I have a confession to make……. I love trees. Any trees will do but what I really love are ancient trees. Old monuments that have stood the test of time. I struggle to get my head around the amount of history these living beings have witnessed. Ancient Trees Where I come from in Sussex we have

Everything you need to know about Ramadan: Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year for Muslims During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset. Many also pray more frequently, give more to charity and study the Quran more deeply. It is a time for families and celebrations.

I have always wondered how it is possible that three great religions all come from the same part of the world and the oldest and newest both have fairly strict dietary rules but Christianity seems to have none. Well, it turns out that they are all very similar but Christianity has a bit of a

A couple of weeks ago I went on an exploration to Afyon. This is a very brief account of the trip. Situated in the middle of Turkey it is a bit of a trek from Dalyan. Six hours of driving through countryside.  As we neared Afyon the landscape changed from green forests to the flat plains

This year I moved to Turkey and am therefore spending Christmas in a Muslim country. I have never been very good at Christmas. As a child with divorced parents no matter how hard everyone tries you are painfully aware of the missing parent. As an adult that issue never goes away but you have the added

My background is horticulture. For as long as I could walk and talk my mother dragged me around gardens, woodlands and parks drumming into the names of plants. I have worked everywhere from rundown nurseries to very high-end garden centres to huge landscaping contracts. Now I live in Turkey, one of the best and most

Sunny, Alan, Sandra and Leigh in Istanbul I finally arrived home this morning around 5.30 am after a long journey from Istanbul. I have been gone since I left Dalyan on Christmas Eve and went to Istanbul to meet with my lovely friends Alan and Sunny from Scotland and my brother Leigh and his lovely lady

Even though I was born and raised in Turkey, I have lived more than half of my adult life outside Turkey. Even after settling in Turkey I have always worked in positions that I would interact with foreigners, probably more than i did with Turks. I think this experiences, which I have summarised on about