Kandil or the Five Holy Nights are celebrated throughout Turkey each year.  The meaning of Kandil comes from the word Candle from the time of Sultan Selim II who lit candles in the Mosques Minarets to mark the holy evenings. The Days of the Islamic Calendar start at sunset, which is why Kandil is celebrated

THE SILK ROAD The Silk Road is an ancient caravan trail that stretches from East to West. From China through India, Asia Minor, ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the African continent, Greece and Rome, and finally to Britain. I have always been fascinated by the Silk Road. I am sure that the reality was very tough but I think

What is Hidirellez ? Hidirellez  is one of the most important bayrams in Turkey and celebrates the arrival of spring. The period between May 6 and November 8 was classed as summer, called the “Days of Hızır”, and the period between November 8 and May 6 was winter, called the “Days of Kasım”. Therefore, May 6th

A good example of the richness of its cuisine is, without a doubt, Turkish dried fruits and nuts. No country eats and reveres dried fruit, seeds and nuts quite like Turkey. Today, the consumption of nuts has become an essential part of a healthy diet. Nuts have been recommended primarily for coronary heart diseases, problems in

Alan Fenn and his partner Janet has lived in the village of Okcular for the past 20 years. He is the author of ‘Okçular Village – a Guide’ and ‘Backways & Trackways’. Both books are for the sole purpose of generating an income that can be spent on environmental and community projects in the village

In Britain I was very good at knowing my wildflowers. If you had stuck me in the middle of a meadow or woodland I could have told what you could and couldn’t eat. Move to Turkey and I am slightly lost. Common Turkish herbs are easy, as is fruit. It’s everything in between. Flowers for

Turkey has witnessed many different religions leaving the country with a wealth of religious tourist attractions. There are the world famous examples, the stunning Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul. Both are spectacular and definitely worth visiting but what about the other , lesser known sites? Akdamar Church is an ancient Armenian place of

The busy town of Fethiye is only an hour away from Dalyan. It is situated in a pretty bay surrounded by steep mountains and pine forests. Within the bay there are numerous islands, perfect for sailing around. Fethiye The town is rich in history with similar Lycian Rock tombs to Dalyan. Fethiye was known as

Around Dalyan there are many picturesque small villages. Often overlooked by tourists and they remain undiscovered. Despite being close to the thriving tourist town of Dalyan, famous for it’s turtles, village life revolves around agriculture. They retain their rural charm.  In Turkey the definition of a village is a population below 2000. Before the 1950’s

In Turkish and Islamic folklore spring arrives only after the three Cemres have occured. The Cemre are three fireballs that come from Heaven to warm earth at the end of winter. Each cemre happens a week apart and heats one aspect of nature. Dictionary definition – Cemre: means “ember of fire; piece of fire; coal in