Turkish court has ruled for the suspension of Booking.com’s activities in the country on Wednesday after the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB) filed a lawsuit over unfair competition. According to a statement released on TURSAB’s website, Istanbul’s 5th commercial court of first instance ruled in favor of the association, suspending the online hotel reservation website’s

The argument that has been going over the Iztuzu Beach between Oruc Travel (Ramazan Oruc) and Mugla University and People of Dalyan has ended by Minstry’s order to gendarme to remove Oruc Travel from the Iztuzu Beach immediately. Counsellor of Ministry Mr. Mustafa Ozturk has send a notice to Mugla Governors Office with the signature

The argument that has been going on since May 11th 2016 as Oruc Travel has invaded the facilities in the beach regarding the management rights to Iztuzu Beach. They had claimed that the right of management of the facilities at the beach were granted to them in 2014 and that they had court order regarding

District Governor of Ortaca has delivered the notification regarding the ownership of the Iztuzu Beach belonging to Mugla Sitki Kocman University to DALCEV (Oruc Travel) DALCEV representatives were notified by the District Governor of Ortaca, with the court order that the management rights of the Iztuzu Beach belongs to Mugla Sitki Kocman University. As per

Dalyan Çevre Geliştirme Turizm İnşaat Emlak ve Otel A.Ş. (DALCEV)’s claim to have the management rights over Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach and their attempt to put their personal bellongings in one of the huts in the beach has arouse a new argument. Tuesday night, a group of people whom claim to be “The Men of DALCEV” (The

Mugla Municipality has adapted new and advanced techniques to combat with mosquitoes that is both effective and environmentally safe. The municipality has been effectively working and says that will continue working 12 months a year program to fight with the mosquitos and other harmful insects. Teams have been busy all winter taking effective precautions by spraying

Mugla Central Municipality’s 29.02.2016 dated Transportation Coordination Central Agency (UKOME) meeting, it is decided that all boats that operate on Dalyan River and Koycegiz Lake will be licensed by the Mugla Central Municipality. According to the new procedures, all boat owners have to apply for a license latest by 30.06.2016. According to same new regulations,

Members of DOHAKDER (Nature and Animals Protection Association) in Ortaca, Mugla have started a campaign called “A Paw Per Entity” Mrs. Mebrure Kuzey Blom, the president of DOHAKDER, has said that “We started a this campaign with aim to save the dogs in the Dalyan Animal Shelter by integrating them to live peacefully and freely

Translated from original source: Cumhuriyet Gazetesi – Can Dündar: “Bir yandaş yazı denemesi Erdoğan’a açık teşekkür” Dear President, the whole world knows that we owe our 3 months of imprisonment to your personal complaint and to judges at criminal courts who obey every word comes out of your mouth. I believe that I must thank

Dalyan will be home to International Likya Dalyan Open Waters Swimming Competition. Interest in participating in the competition is rising every day. More than 100 swimmers has enrolled for the competition since enrolment started in February 1st. Organised by Likya Dalyan Sports Club and supported by Ortaca Municipality, the competitions will be organised in “We