İmam bayıldı is a Turkish dish made from eggplant cooked with olive oil and filled with onions, garlic, and tomatoes and served at room temperature. It translates as the “imam swooned,” suggesting that the dish was so delicious that the imam, or prayer leader of the mosque, fainted at the sight and taste of it.

There are new batches of cherries in the markets at the moment. On our trip to Mugla this week I bought far too many. Now what to do with my glut of cherries? Baked Cherry Cheesecake is the answer. Ingredients 225 grams of biscuits (digestives are good but you can use any plain biscuits) 1

These borek are so simple to make that this isn’t really a recipe. More of a construction guide.They can be filled with anything. Spinach and feat is the favorite but potato works well and does minced lamb. They make the perfect snack when you are wandering round a market! Some of the best that I

In our markets broad beans have just started appearing. A rare treat from the local villages. They are never seem to be in abundance so I always grab them while I can and freeze some. Here are two lovely recipes that make the most of this spring delicacy. Broad Bean Dip 600g fresh broad beans  2

Since I moved to Turkey I haven’t missed any food. Even at Christmas there wasn’t much tat I missed. However, Easter is fast approaching and I have been known to consume quite a few hot cross buns. Toasted with lots of butter, cold with lots of butter, straight out of the packet, I don’t care

This Mother’s day make your mum, or anyone else, a sweet treat that you can wrap and give. Turkish Delight and crunchy Nut Brittle make a lovely combination. Both these sweet treats are popular in Turkey. You can find them in markets and towns when you go shopping. Some of the nicest are found in

At this time of year there are hundreds of oranges in Turkey. Literally falling on the floor and rotting. So far I have marmalade, biscuits, rice pudding and sorbet! Now to try Turkish Orange cake……… Ingredients Zest from 5 oranges 4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 cup flour Syrup: Juice from the 5 oranges

This is more than just a Persian soup. It can make a very filling meal and is a great way to use up vegetables and pulses that might otherwise be thrown away. I hate waste! Alternatively, visit a local market and try out some vegetables that you have never seen before. Visit a Turkish market

If you fancy going all out on pancakes today then try these gozleme as your main course followed by yet more pancakes. You can kid yourselves that you are being healthy before you ruin everything with lots of sugar, chocolate spread and maple syrup! To enjoy authentic Turkish gozleme you can try them on one of

Ever wondered what those dried things are that hang outside shops and in the market? Dried aubergine shells, is the answer. I hadn’t really taken much notice of them but I decided to explore and experiment! I have included a Turkish recipe below but these dried aubergines are fantastic as a carb free cannelloni substitute.