7 hours
Special Diets

Our trip to Jimmy’s Island is a lovely way to spend an evening, from beginning to end. Jimmy’s Island is a secluded oasis, a beautiful sandy beach on the edge of Koycegiz Lake. We will combine a beautiful sunset with delicious food and an ambient environment. Watch the sunset accompanied by soothing background music. Surrounded by 360 degree mountain views, it is like being transported to another place. Only when the sun goes down and you see the glow from the lights of Dalyan, can you appreciate where you are. It is truly spectacular.

To begin our  magical evening we will meet at our office at 17.00 and take a short stroll to our boat. Our boat is comfortable and spacious so it never feels cramped. Once on board you will be welcomed with a complimentary hot or soft drink and snacks.

It takes around 90 minutes meandering up the river to reach Jimmy’s Island. We will stop along the journey for a swim break in deep water of the lake.

The Island

Once we get to the island we will have time for more swimming or to explore the shore. There are pedalos and kayaks to use. Grab a beer and a pedalo to explore further. If you would rather stay close to shore, the water is always calm and warm. Lie on the sandy beach or lounge in the shallows with a floating tray for your glass of wine.

The island surrounded by trees and reed beds providing the perfect opportunity to wander off. You can walk along the shoreline or into the trees behind the beach. It is possible to walk all the way to the Sultaniye Mud Baths if you are feeling ambitious.

The island is owned by a man called Jimmy, obviously! He is slightly eccentric, a bit of a mad professor type, who will spend hours regaling you with tales of Turkey and the local area. Jimmy has established picnic area with wooden tables and facilities. There is also a tree swing and a sound system to enable us to play music.

Delicious BBQ

After swimming and exploring we will light a camp fire on the beach and start up the BBQ.

Dinner will be served at 19.00. Our boat captain will cook traditional BBQ on the island. The captain’s mum will have been preparing the mezes and salads with ingredients fresh from their farm. We will serve mixed grill meats and fish. The sound and smells of the sizzling BBQ will complement the enchanting atmosphere.

Incredible Sunsets

As the sun begins to set over the lake, the skies turn a brilliant orange. With the sun setting in front of you, the moon will rise behind the mountains.

Often one of our musician friends accompanies us on the trip so if you can play an instrument do let us know. We can source most musical instruments. Nothing beats sitting around a camp fire listening to an acoustic guitar. So grab this opportunity to jam with a Turkish musician.

We will leave the island around 22.30 arriving in Dalyan at midnight. This will give you time to enjoy a drink in Dalyan or wander along the river.

Jimmy’s Island used to be a popular trip from Dalyan. Due to our captain’s long-term friendship with Jimmy and his extensive knowledge of the area we have rediscovered the island and are bringing it back for you! The original trips to Jimmy’s Island were good but we think that we have made vast improvements. The standard of food is much more superior to usual beach BBQ’s and by visiting in the evening you get to witness the beauty of the lake at dusk. A good choice of ambient music will make this a relaxing and fun filled evening, where you will make plenty of new friends.

* %50 discount for children under the age of 12

** Children under 4 years old go FREE


TOUR MAX15 people
DEPARTURE TIMEPlease be at our office by 17.00 for a prompt departure.
RETURN TIMEApproximately midnight
WHAT TO BRINGYour musical instrument, if you play one! Camera,
Sunscreen lotion,
Swimwear & Towels
Professional GuideWelcome Drink
BBQ Dinner
Extra Beverages
Jimmy's Island - Beautiful trip from dalyan
Jimmy's Island - on the way
Jimmy's Island - camp fire
Jimmy's Island - making new friends
Jimmy's Island - Chilling out
Jimmy's Island - after dinner
Jimmy's Island - music by the fire
Jimmy's Island - enjoying lake
Jimmy's Island - pedalo joy
Jimmy's Island - beauty
Jimmy's Island - preparing to fish
Jimmy's Island BBQ
Jimmy's Island - our boat
Jimmy's Island - Sunset
Jimmy's Island - cruising the lake
Jimmy's Island - the jetty
Jimmy's Island - Sunset over Lake Koycegiz
Jimmy's Island - wandering around
Jimmy's Island - casper
Jimmy's Island - Waiting for the night

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