4 Hours
Special Diets

Due to popular demand we have created this very special private trip for you. We will show you the beautiful views from the top of Radar Mountain and let you sample a variety of delicious Georgian foods at the Sunset Restaurant. Do bring your camera. It is called Sunset restaurant for a very good reason!

A wonderful evening whether you are looking for a romantic night or a fun time with friends.

As this is a private trip you can choose the time of your pick up. We would recommend picking you up at 17.30pm from your accommodation. We will take a scenic drive up to either Radar Mountain or Sunset Restaurant depending on the month; the time and position of the sunset.

Radar Mountain

At Radar Mountain you will be able to see the whole of the Dalyan Delta stretched out in front of you, further afield you can see Koycegiz Lake, Sulungur Lake and the villages around Dalyan. As you sit and admire the views you can enjoy a complimentary glass of wine, beer or a soft drink.

Sunset Restaurant

The Sunset Restaurant is a small mountaintop restaurant, it looks over the Datca peninsula and Rhodes Island in the far distance. It is run by a lovely couple. Bekir, who is passionate about growing and using his own produce. His wife Madonna who is originally from Georgia and is a fantastic chef.

You can chose your meal from the menu which is probably the shortest but the tastiest in the whole of Dalyan! Pepper kebab, fish, chicken or the delicious hacipuri. These are traditional Georgian dishes made by the owner’s wife. Handed down through the generations these are both tasty and filling. Alternatively you can sample a little of everything accompanied by Georgian carrot and walnut salad and mixed salad. The chicken, pepper kebab and fish are all cooked to perfection. The chef uses a unique marination and barbecues the food using a mixture of grape and olive wood to give a distinct smoky flavour.

Whilst you are eating, the sun will be setting across the sea. This is a magical sight, the sky turning a kaleidoscope of colours.

In September and October we would suggest going to the Radar Mountain first. From May to August we suggest going to the Sunset Restaurant and then Radar Mountain. This would be our recommendation due to where and when the sun will be setting. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Following the sunset we will head back to Dalyan for you to spend the rest of the evening as you wish.

**For groups more than 4 people, 5th person and above will pay £20pp

**%50 discount for children under the age of 12
***Children under 4 go free.

AVAILABILITYAny day  – (Pre confirmation needed)
TOUR PRICE£30pp up to 4 people. 5th person and above will pay £20pp
TOUR MIN4 people
TOUR MAX18 people
DEPARTURE TIMEPlease be ready at 17.00 for a prompt departure at 17.30
Mosquito  Repellant
Professional GuideComplimentary drink at Radar Mountain
Dinner at Sunset RestaurantTransportation in mini-coach
INCLUDEDDrinks at Sunset Restaurant

Additional information

Ticket typeAdult, Child, Infant
Tour ConceptCulture, Food, Nature
Dalyan Sunset - Main
Dalyan Sunset - Hacipuri Pie
Dalyan Sunset - Sunset restaurant
Dalyan Sunset - Sunset Silhouette
Dalyan Sunset - Radar view
Dalyan Sunset - Iztuzu view
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Dalyan Sunset - Looking at the view
Dalyan Sunset - Family at radar
Dalyan Sunset - Radar Mountain
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Dalyan Sunset -Tasty food
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Dalyan Sunset - Watching the sunset
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Dalyan Sunset - Main
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 5 reviews
April 30, 2017

2016 haziran ayında, Volkan bey ile beraber ailecek bu tura katılma fırsatımız oldu. Herşeyden önce, işini bu kadar ciddiye alan, güler yüzlü ve aldığı bedelin karşılığını sonuna kadar hak eden bir kişi ile tanışmaktan ailecek çok mutlu olduk. Dalyan’ın tüm güzelliklerini Radar dağının tepesinden izlemek çok keyifli idi. Sunset Resturant’ın eşsiz lezzetli yemeklerini tatmanızı şiddetle tavsiye ederim. Volkan Bey ile bu yaz tekrar görüşeceğimiz için ailecek şimdiden heyecan durmaktayız. Geçen yaz dönüş vaktimize yakın tura katıldığımız için ancak bu tura katılabildik. Bu sene en az 2 turuna mutlaka katılacağız.
Semih ve Ayşen

May 1, 2017

dalyan’a ilk defa gelip, ilk seferde bu kadar güzel bir ekibi bir arada görmek inanılmaz güzeldi. volkan bey sayesinde inanılmaz güzel bir tur yaşadık. cana yakın davranışları bizim bir sonraki tatilimizi de nerede yapacağımızı kesinleştirdi. turdan bir sonraki gün dahi hiç menfaati olmadığı halde bize gösterdiği ilgi ve yardımlarından dolayı volkan beye çok teşekkür ediyoruz. turdaki diğer katılan arkadaşların tavsiye ettiği muğla turuna da mutlaka katılacağız. dalyana gelip, volkan’s adventure a uğramadan sakın plan yapmayın.

May 1, 2017

wir kamen nach Dalyan zum ersten mal und wir hatten eine tolle tour durch volkan’s adventures. wir danken ihm zu viel wegen seine freundschaft.

hans müller

May 1, 2017

We could not recomend this trip highly enough. The views are spectecular, the food is delicious and the hospitality from the volkan’s adventures team and the restaurant owners was great. A brilliant tour that we will definitely do again on our next visit.
Jessica White

August 4, 2017

We absolutely loved this trip and highly recommend it. First of all the trip up Radar mountain for the incredible views and a very welcome drink then a fabulous dinner in a proper hidden gem of a restaurant. A very chilled out, relaxed and special evening – thank you from the four of us x

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