14 hours
All Ages
Special Diets

The biggest surprise from Volkan’s Adventures for 2018. Come with us on a journey to one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, Burdur. Here you will find Salda Lake with it’s crystal clear waters and lifeforms within that are descendent from Mars. In 2008, the NASA Spirit rover captured images of unusual, cauliflower-shaped silica formations inside Mars’s Gusev Crater that bear an uncanny resemblance to objects sculpted by bacteria living inside hot springs on Earth. Stromatolites are another type of formation that are prime real estate for extant life. On Earth, these layered rocks are created in shallow water by microbial mats—wafer-thin colonies of tiny organisms held together by a mucus-like substance. The mats act like flypaper, trapping sediment. Layers gradually accumulate as the organisms repeatedly push their way upward through the silt. Salda Lake is one of only two places in the world that these formations can found.

Salda Lake not only has the cleanest water in Turkey but the 5th cleanest in the world. It is also the deepest in Turkey and 2nd deepest in the world, with water temperatures never falling below 17 degrees. Another of the unique attributes of the beach surrounding this lake is the variation of sands that can be found leading down to the water. They range from natural mud closest to the road side through to perfect white sands nearest to the lake. Because of this, Salda Lake has been referred to as the ‘Maldives of Turkey’ but we don’t think even that does this spectacular area the level of justice it deserves. The beauty really must be seen to be believed.

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To begin our day we will pick you up from your accommodation at approximately 8:30am. Making our way along beautiful roads passing through the forest, we will get to our first stop to have our breakfast at about 9:30. Our destination has a large garden area comfortably bedecked ready to accommodate us as we indulge in our traditional turkish meal. Amongst a huge range of delicacies, the restaurant will serve cheeses, honey, and olives which are all their own natural products from the animals and bee hives kept and nurtured onsite.

After breakfast, we depart again and after about an hours drive we will arrive at Tavas town, which belongs to Denizli. There is one of the most famous Pide Houses here and we will have the opportunity to taste samples from their vast range of options with a tea or coffee to wash it down. The most delicious pide of all is made from Tahini, a sumptuous paste derived from all natural sesame seeds. Once we are full and content, after about an hour here, we will make our way to go to the world’s biggest chick pea factory shop to see and taste hundereds of options of chickpeas. This will not be a long stop but it is amazing for us to be able to show you how creatively delicious chick peas can be!

Following our time here we will journey onwards to the white eden garden, Salda Lake. As we enter the lake area we will make a stop at the famous white islands. Dependent of the time of year, the depth of the water surrounding these islands can fluctuate to the point that they can actually be walked to – a truly magical experience. After our first meeting with Salda Lake, we will then move to a cute beach restaurant which will signal the time to relax, swim, sunbathe and enjoy the scenery with a huge range of food provided on an unlimited basis. If you are not hungry when we get there, don’t worry, we will spend about 2 hours here and you can eat from their menu when ever and however much you want. They have a delicious range of snacks available for you from a wide range of pide options, cheese covered meatballs or fish cooked in a wood oven on a clay plate. There will be no limit to the foods available for our special guests. After a few hours spent watching the world go by in this spectacular setting we will venture onwards to the other side of the lake on our bus to watch the beautiful sunset.

Enjoy your complimentary alcoholic or non alcoholic drink as the day ebbs away with the sun setting behind the lake before your very eyes. The virtual intoxication of the stunning scenery is immeasurable. When the sun has set our great journey will be nearing it’s end. We will reboard the bus and make our way back to Dalyan with the aim to arrive at approximately 10,30pm. This is the perfect opportunity for our adventurers to experience an unforgettable day in your life.

* %50 discount for children under the age of 12

** Children under 4 years old go FREE

Things To Know

TOUR MAX 18 people
DEPARTURE TIME Please be ready by 8.00 AM for a prompt departure at 8:30 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately 10.30 PM
Suitable Shoes or Sandals,
Sunscreen lotion,
Binoculars  (Optional)
Swimwear & Towels (Optional)
Professional Guide
Pide Tasting in Tavas Town
Unlimited Late Lunch at Beach Restaurant
Complimentary Drinks as Stated in tour description.
Transportation in mini-coach
NOT INCLUDED Anything Purchased in Local Shops
Extra beverages purchased throughout the trip

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