8 hours
All Ages
Special Diets

Akkaya Valley trip from Dalyan is one of our guest’s favourite tours. The valley and Indus River are a nature lovers dream. As you board the boat and pull away from the jetty you pass the dam, up to 30 herons often perch on the edge, taking off like huge pterodactyls in the sky. Then we sweep around the corner to the vision of steep mountains and hundreds of water birds. It will take your breath away.

Akkaya Secret Gardens

Akkaya Valley and Akkaya Secret Gardens are in an idyllic location just a short drive from Dalyan. Once we have collected you from your accommodation we will take the 40 minute drive to the start point of our trip. During the journey you can appreciate beautiful scenery and stunning mountains. First stop is the divine “Birds Nest Restaurant”, situated in botanical gardens called Akkaya Secret Gardens. Take a short walk through the botanical gardens to reach the restaurant where there are ample opportunities for stunning photographs to be taken. You will find lush greenery, ponds, streams, the sound of a waterfall and the breeze rushing through the dense treetops. The walk through the gardens is optional so those who would prefer to abstain will be dropped at the restaurant by the minibus to meet the rest of the group. Spend time enjoying your welcome drink while admiring the beauty of the gardens from your birds nest table in the trees

Akkaya Valley and Indus River

We then take a boat up the historic Indus River, to travel deep into Akkaya Valley. During this 30 minutes long boat trip you will be looking out for wild boar, storks, white tailed eagles and other amazing creatures that inhabit the truly unspoilt nature surrounding us. Whilst enjoying the dramatic scenery your tour guide will tell you about the incredible history and geography of the river and the valley.

TIP: If you would like to visit the valley later on in the day, enjoy a walk through the forest and a delicious evening meal at the Birds Nest Restaurant, then our Akkaya Sunset Delight trip will be perfect for you.

Our destination is a secluded camp area in the heart of the valley surrounded with Liquidambar and Pine trees. Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch, then spend time relaxing and swimming in the cool waters of the river. In summer 2019 river swings will be installed for those of you who wish to take flight before the splash! Lunch will be basic, but filling and freshly prepared, due to being in the heart of the valley. You will have main course options of meatballs, chicken, wild trout or vegetarian option served with salad and chips. There is a fully stocked bar in the valley for you to purchase any additional snacks and drinks. 

There will be the opportunity to fish for rainbow trout and explore the river further by taking a paddle out in one of the canoes for a small extra fee payable directly to the valley. Akkaya Valley trip from Dalyan is a real nature lover’s dream, and a peaceful, relaxing day that you won’t forget. Don’t forget to bring your camera! We will depart the valley at approximately 15.30pm, taking our boat further up the river to show you the beauty nestled even deeper, and then make our way back to the jetty where the minibus will be waiting for us, with the aim of returning to Dalyan for approximately 17.00PM.


Important Notice: 

Akkaya valley is a private reserve. The owners charge a substantial entrance fee to enter  meaning that the area is highly controlled and maintained. Therefore this entrance fee means that the valley stays a pristine nature reserve with hundreds of water birds on the river.

* %50 discount for children under the age of 12

** Children under 4 years old go FREE

Things To Know

TOUR MAX 18 people
DEPARTURE TIME Collection between 09.00AM and 09.30AM
RETURN TIME Approximately 17.00 PM
Swim wear
Sunscreen lotion
Sun Glasses
A book to read (optional)
Binoculars (optional)
Professional Guide
Welcome drink at Birds Nests
Lunch in the valley
Entrance fee to the valley
Boat trip
Transportation in mini-coach
NOT INCLUDED Extra beverages purchased throughout the trip
Extra activities (Fishing, canoeing)


Additional information

Tour ConceptBoat Trip, Nature, Wild Life
Boat ride through the valley - 4
Botanical Gardens - 2
Botanical Gardens - 1
Restaurant in Botanical Gardens
The Dam
Fishing Wild Rainbow
Indus River and Akkaya Valley

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 10 reviews
March 19, 2016

Volkan’s Adventures are an absolute must if you ever visit Dalyan in this beautiful, very special part of Turkey. The hospitality extended to you is second to none. The prices are unbelievably reasonable, and the company fascinating but not intrusive. After a day with Volkan you will leave feeling more like a member of his wonderful family than a customer…and want to return again and again – just as we have done during our four visits to Dalyan! It is largely due to Volkan and the amazing trips he runs that we now return year after year to this stunning area.

It is wonderful to experience the ‘real’ Turkey, venturing to little gems frequented by locals, soaking in the warmth and friendship of fellow visitors and Turkish people. I love Dalyan. I love Volkan’s Adventures. A perfect combination!

March 19, 2016

My Husband and I have known Volkan for 3 yrs and have been on numerous trips in Dalyan with him and his team. The trips are different than the norm and he is very knowledgeable about the places you visit … Our highlights have been Akyaka Slow Town and Akkaya Valley trips. We are so looking forward to more of his great trips which are good value for money when we return yet again to Dalyan in 2016

April 25, 2016

We had read on tripadvisor about Volkans trips and although we have visited Dalyan many times, we had not done the Akkaya valley trip and booked the trip as soon as we got to Dalyan, we were not disappointed, Volkan picked us up at our hotel and took us on the most amazing trip, the day was fantastic with horse riding available, canoeing and swimming in the river, Volkan was the perfect guide and made sure the trip was faultless, don’t want people to do this trip incase it becomes too popular, the quite tranquil location is one to treasure and Volkan is the expert in finding places that are so special. We spotted wild boar, fox and fish eagle, perfect for nature lovers.

May 30, 2016

“Crem de la crem”
We arrived at the botanical gardens and ordered a cool drink in the birds nests in the trees. The nests are for visitors to sit in up in the trees. AMAZING!!
We gently drifted down the river whilst taking in the most beautiful scenery. We swam in the crystal blue water with the occassional “hot spring” LOL.
VULCAN is an amazing host who thinks outside the box and takes tourists to places which are exclusive.
His excursions are excellent value for money .
We are returning in June and i am already on his website looking at other excursions we would like to do.in my view VULCAN stands for;
V ulcans
U ndenyable
L ove
C aptivating
A wesome
N atural wonders in DALYAN

GO!!!! GO!!! GO!!!!

July 4, 2016

If you love nature, spectacular scenery, quiet boat trips and swimming in a beautifully clear, refreshing (!) river, having enjoyed a drink in a “bird’s nest” set high in the trees, then this trip is not to be missed.
Like all Volkan’s trips it is just that little bit different and all the more memorable and enjoyable because of this. The Akkaya Valley will stay in your mind long after your visit is over, to be conjured up on those dark and rainy days back home. Go and see for yourselves and store up some lovely memories.

May 2, 2017

Bu kadar güzel bir doğayı Volkan Bey’in sayesinde gördüğümüz için çok mutluyuz. Bu kadar profesyonel olup, bir o kadar da samimi davranıyor olması insanı gerçekten çok mutlu ediyor. Ekibindeki herkes bir o kadar özverili olup kesinlikle laubalilikten uzaklar. Ailenizle beraber gidip, gönül rahatlığıyla Volkan Bey’in turlarına katılabilirsiniz.
Kadir Çebi

May 3, 2017

Tam bir doğa harikası. Mutlaka yaşanması gereken bir tur. Önceden Dalyan denince aklımıza caretta caretta gelirken, artık Volkan’s Adventures’la anacağız Dalyan’ı. Güzel ekip, özverili hizmet, diğer turlardan farklı götürülen yerler. Herşey için çok teşekkürler.
Mehmet Ertürk

May 3, 2017

Dalyan ve çevresindeki bütün köylere bu kadar hakim bir kişinin turuna katılmış olmak kadar güzel bir şey olamaz. Misafirlerine gösterdiği alaka, sunduğu eşsiz lezzetli yemekler, güler yüz, hepsini bir arada yaşamak çok hoştu. Gitmeden kesinlikle bir tura daha katılacağız. Herşey harikaydı. Çok teşekkür ederiz Volkan Bey…
Sami Akdağ

July 29, 2018

This is the second time we have done this trip, the day was lovely and peaceful, the birds nest restaurant food was superb, Lisa and Murat are more like friends than guides, a camera is a must as you may see wild boar and eagles as we did, also it’s worth walking part of the way back to see some extra wildlife sights.

October 12, 2018

once again the highlights of our trip to Turkey centred around Volkans trips. We had been worried that the Medicaine Zorba would have meant cancelling our trip to Akkaya Valley but off we went. A beautiful drive to the Birds Nest Restaurant, unfortunately the steps to the upper seating areas were deemed unsafe due to the torrential rain, that however did not detract from the beauty and tranquility of the gardens, and a very welcome apple tea. If the steps are too much for you, and there are a few quite steep ones, you can stay on the bus and catch up with the group for the drink.

Then it was off to river for a truly relaxing trip, great company and the guide Murat is lovely. Once the boat moored up at the camping grounds it was time for a drink at the well stocked bar!, and a play with the resident kitten. Time then to relax on the sun loungers or you can hire a pedal on or fish if you want to. This trip because of the storm it was a little cold for swimming!

Lunch was beautiful, hubby and I had trout and it was amazing. Congratulations to the chef. On a normal day the group would have stayed here longer BUT we had the thunder and lightening, believe me you haven’t lived until you take a boat down the river in a storm, but the group were amazing, as are all the people on Volkans tours – he has a knack for picking the best.

All in all I would not have missed it for the world.

10 out of 10 Volkan!! You are a star.

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