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Come with us on a journey to explore the places that time forgot. Nestled away thirty minutes from Mugla within the town of Yatagan is an ancient city. Stratonicea, also known as the city of gladiators. 

Once a bustling Carian city, inhabited continuously from the 4th Century BC to the 20th Century AD. When excavations began the town became deserted. Except for a few remaining occupants who continued to dwell there, naming the self-made village as Eskihisar. 
First of all, we will collect you from your accommodation between 08.45am and 09.00 am. Driving towards Muğla, we will stop to appreciate the spectacular Sakar Passage viewpoint on Muğla mountain. Here you can see Gokova, the Slow Town Akyaka and the plateau below. We organise another private tour to Akyaka which you can read details here. This will be the first of many stunning photograph opportunities.


We will arrive at Stratonicea, the world’s largest marble city, at 11.00am. We can then begin our explorations. The ruins within the city are a wonderful historic mix from the Helenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Selcuk and Ottoman Empires. Standing together to showcase Turkish archaeological history at it’s finest.
The construction of Stratonicea was conducted on the basis of a grid plan. Invented by Hippodamus of Miletus. Despite the lack of solid evidence, it is assumed that the main alley led from the north to the south. The outgoing streets creating the city grid. Excavations continue,  giving a magical experience of history being uncovered before your eyes. This year, 65 Byzantine tombs have already been unearthed.
You can read about Stratonicea and religious tourism in Turkey here.


Mugla itself is one of the 30 ‘big cities’ in Turkey holding a population of over 1 million people. However, this frozen city feels ambient and tranquil with amazing sights that are seen around every corner. Like learning the secrets of an undiscovered land.

Following our time in the city we will visit our favourite local restaurant for a traditional rustic lunch. After which we take the short drive into Mugla itself. Despite it’s size, Mugla is not a town that attracts tourists so the atmosphere and architecture will be refreshingly different from coastal towns.

Spend your time browsing the famous Mugla Market. There are a huge variety of stalls to discover, with goods ranging from clothes and handbags to locally grown fruits and vegetables. There is the option to visit the mosques and museums within the town should you wish, or simply sit in one of the atmospheric bars and cafes and watch the world go by.

Arasta & Zahide Bazaars

A visit to Arasta is next on the itinerary. A beautiful old fashioned bazaar shaded by ancient vines within the enchanting narrow streets of Mugla’s old town. Visit the remarkable tin smiths who showcase the intricate craftsmanship that is involved in the creation of their goods.

Incorporated within this area also is the beautiful Zahide Bazaar. 14 shops proudly showcase the products handmade by the women of the town, offering you the opportunity to purchase something completely authentic and unique.

We are visiting these old bazaars to showcase some of Turkey’s ancient traditional arts. We are not trying to persuade you to buy, merely to appreciate. Although if you need retail therapy who are we to argue!

Our approximate departure from Mugla will be around 17.00pm. Arriving back in Dalyan at approximately 18.00pm.

This trip is an exclusive chance for Volkan’s Adventures to take you on a magical journey. From the fascinating depths of an ancient Lycian city to the charming markets and bazaars of picturesque Mugla. A destination seldom visited by tourists. Mugla remains original and unspoiled for your pleasure. Join us for the chance to visit a world where time really has stood still.

* %50 discount for children under the age of 12

** Children under 4 years old go FREE

Things To Know

TOUR MAX 18 people
DEPARTURE TIME Collection between 08.45am and 09.00AM
RETURN TIME Approximately 18.00PM
Sunscreen lotion
Sun Glasses
Professional Guide
Welcome Drink
Entrance fee to ancient site
Transportation in mini-coach
NOT INCLUDED Extra beverages purchased throughout the trip

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Discover Mugla Trip From Dalyan
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Hayatımdaki katıldığım en etkileyici turdu. Volkan’s Adventures kesinlikle çok sıradışı ve kaliteli işler yaptığını geçen seneden sonra bu sene de bize gösterdi. Belen Kahvesin’de verdiğimiz molada kahvelerimizi içerken, olayın gerçek kişilerinin yaşlı akrabaları ile sohbet etme fırsatı bulduk. Buraya çok yakın olan, değirmenden devşirme, harikulade bir restauranta gittik. Değirmenin hikayesini, şu an Restaurantı işleten Hasan Bey’den dinlemenizi şiddetle tavsiye ederim. Kurduğu yemek masası ve verdiği hizmet çok kaliteliydi. Burdan kısa bir araç yolculuğundan sonra, o eşsiz, birçok medeniyeti aynı platformda barındıran Stratonikeia Antik kentine vardık. Birkaç adım atıyorsun, bizans uygarlığından devasa kalıntılarla karşılaşıyorsun, hemen yanında Osmanlı tarihinin son dönemlerinden kalma pazar meydanı kahvesi vs. hemen soluna dönünce Cumhuriyetin ilk yıllarından kalma Hanım Ağanın evi. Keşfedilmesi gereken bir tarih cenneti burası. Hele bir de buraya Volkan Bey gibi tarih bilgisi üst düzey bir kişi ile gelirseniz, yaşadıklarınızın heyecanı iki kat artacaktır. Teşekkürler Volkan Bey. Perşembe günü 12 adalar turunda görüşmek üzere.
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