7 hours
All Ages
Special Diets

This afternoon to evening boat trip includes visiting mesmerizing parts of Dalyan Delta, swimming in volcanic Candir Lake, indulging sunset BBQ dinner at Little Dalyan – Iztuzu beach, star gazing and swimming under the stars at Koycegiz Lake and depending on the mood of the group maybe visiting even more secret spots into late night. One of the highlights of this evening are the amazing stars that can be seen so beautifully clearly whilst lying on the top deck of our boat, drink in hand, from the middle of Koycegiz Lake.

Regarding music, on. both of our boats we have a high quality (we don’t mean loud, we mean high quality) sound system. However we listen to our guests. If no music preferred, then no music. If top deck, front deck or back lounge wants music but rest doesn’t, no problem. We have internet so we can play anything you wish, or we can have something soft on the background or later at night we can party in class. It’s totally up to our guests. We will always do what our guests prefer and not what the crew or captain like. Our guests decide regarding the music as well as other subjects that would effect the comfort and enjoyment of them. We just listen and make them happen.


Having met at our office at 15.45pm we will walk the short distance to our fabulous boat in the harbour, boarding at 16.00pm once all our guests have arrived. You will be greeted on board with a welcome drink of tea, coffee, water, fresh lemonade or juices, as well as light snacks to enjoy as we cruise through the scenic Dalyan Delta passing the famous Rock Tombs and hopefully catching a glimpse of one of the endangered and protected loggerhead turtles.

Relax and enjoy the journey on one of the many comfortable seats at the rear of the boat, or on the sunbeds at the front and on the top deck. Prepare for something amazing.

Candir Lake

Candir Lake is our first stop. The volcanic lake is surrounded by nature and views of Caunos City ruins. Here you can swim in the warm waters and experience the soothing under currents. The deeper you dive the warmer the water. This is a truly revitalising experience in a body of water that we would encourage you to make the most of. We have on board flotation devices available to make this experience extra special or  if you are not a confident swimmer. There’s no need for you to miss out on the feeling of languishing in a warm bath with nothing but the sounds of nature surrounding you. Your drinks may be served to you while you are in water enjoying your peaceful and joyful moment.

Little Dalyan – Sunset

We will then re-board the boat and head towards Itzuzu Beach. Our next stop will be The Little Dalyan. This area has 2 little dalyans, at right middle of Iztuzu Beach, one side is fresh waters of the delta, other side is the where Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet with its azur blue colours. Here you can disembark and take a leisurely stroll towards the sea, enjoy the fresh water, catch blue crabs which is really great fun (they are not harmed and released) or simply top up your drink and relax on the boat. To watch the sun set over the sea and mountains will be an amazing experience and fantastic photography opportunity. The colours of the sky are amazing, deep red, orange through to dark purple. Be sure to bring your camera.

We will have our famous open buffet BBQ dinner right at perfect time. As you are getting hungry from swimming, walking and indulging the amazing nature you are surrounded by, we will have been preparing your succulent evening meal. Options ranging from juicy king prawns, tender lamb kebbabs, freshly caught fish, marinated chicken and home made lightly spiced meatballs will be available for you – please note your choice of mains must be stated at the time of booking. Complimented by a freshly home cooked delicious range of pasta, rices, salads, mezzes and breads as well as traditional dressings and oils, you will experience the catering and hospitality of any 5 star restaurant placed in the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine. Vegetarian and vegan options as well as other special diets or allergies are all available if pre-ordered at the time of booking.

Our fully stocked bar full of ice cold beers, wines, spirits and non alcoholic beverages will be available for the duration of the trip so treat yourself – you’re on holiday!

After dinner we will set off back along The Dalyan Delta and head towards Koycegiz Lake, where you can swim in the warm moonlit waters, under the stars.

♥ Choice of Mains ♥

Please advise us at the time of booking to eliminate any confusion. You can either advise the number or the name of the dish.

1- Mix BBQ Chicken & Meatballs

2- Fish

3- Adana Kebab (Long, hand-minced spicy meat kebab mounted on a wide wooden skewer and grilled)

4- Urfa Kebab (Long, hand-minced nonspicy meat kebab mounted on a wide wooden skewer and grilled)

5- Sauced Chicken Wings

6- Lamb Shish Kebab

7- Beef Casserole

8- Vegetable /vegan Casserole

9- Cheese & Butter Stuffed Mushrooms

Koycegiz Lake & Star Gazing

There may be many lakes in Turkey, and we can honestly say we’ve visited plenty already, but Lake Köyceğiz is special. A different kind of special with mountains as backdrop, with its islands and Greek monasteries in it. In summer the water temperature is so high, swimming at night feels like taking a leisurely bath. We sail away from Dalyan town lights to enjoy the beautiful night sky, so you can immerse yourself in the water or on the boat.

The noon to moon boat trip combines the wonders that Dalyan has to offer and more. A wonderful evening adventure for all the family. We will return to Dalyan at around 11 PM. 

TIP: If you enjoy snorkelling amongst the amazing sea-life seeing the wonders of the deep, you will love our Semizce Snorkelling trip!

At Volkans Adventures if you’re a guest on one of our Dalyan Boat Tours you can be assured not only of an enchanting and comfortable experience, but also a safe and secure one.

New for this year we have our own exclusive boats with 2 local and very experienced Captains who live and breathe the sea, they are both charismatic characters in their own right and who will ensure you have the best possible experience whilst on board.

Sari Zeybek boat is captained by Savaş, this boat was specially constructed by Savaş himself. He owns his own boatyard, Güven Yachting, right by the river opposite Dalyan Resort, which is also where his home is. Savaş is a local man and has spent his whole life sailing the river and sea, so his experience is second to none and you could not be in safer hands. Savaş also part owned a scuba diving school (Dalyan Dive Center) and has 16 years’ experience in diving. He also is a very experienced fisherman and his knowledge of the sea cannot be rivalled anywhere in Dalyan. All this knowledge about what goes on above and below sea level puts us in such a great position to give you the best ever adventure at sea. Savaş is very well travelled and speaks English and with his endearing character you will undoubtably find a newfound friend.

Sari Zeybek is a 14 metre long boat which is one of the longest in Dalyan and 4m wide which allows for plenty of room on board. The boat was originally a diving boat but is going through a full renovation this year and will be all sparkling and new ready for the 2022 season. This boat and its captain Savaş are one of only a handful of boats in Dalyan that has a special open sea licence which means he can take the boat anywhere on the open sea including international waters. It also means that if necessary he is licenced to take 16 passengers out to sea rather than 12 like most boats in Dalyan.

The boat has a full security radio system, full insurance for all guests, TPDK alcohol and ministry of tourism food serving licence. The boat has 220 volt electric supply complete with wifi, there is also a top of the range espresso coffee machine and a full kitchen with oven, so you can be assured of experiencing the very best of the captain`s seafood which will rival the very best fish restaurants and suit any connoisseurs.

Zeko 1 is captained by Captain Zeko, he is a local man who has spent majority of his life around the delta. He previously captained a sea yacht so also has his sea legs gaining years of experience out at sea with many multi-cultural guests . Zeko is a larger than life character, a big guy with a fascinating and captivating character. He is well travelled and has a story or two to tell and speaks excellent English. His knowledge of local life on the river and lake will challenge any other Captain in Dalyan. He literally lives and breathes life on the water, you could not be in better hands than spending a day with Zeko talking about life around the Delta, wildlife, culture, lifestyles, ecology, or you could even be talking about the economy and anything else that becomes a topic that day all whilst enjoying the local area whilst relaxing on his boat.

Zeko 1 is a 13m tall boat and is 4 metre wide so you will have plenty of room to relax. The boat is also licensed to go out to sea, it has a TPDK alcohol and ministry of tourism food license, it’s also fully insured for all guests, and has a full radio and security system. The boat is also in an enviable position of having wifi and is designed for our guests’ comfort. Spending the day with Zeko and his boat with be a first class experience and you will leave with a newfound friend.

  • 50% discount for children under 12 years old
  • Children under 4 years old go free

Things To Know

AVAILABILITYTuesday – Saturday
TOUR MAX15 people
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATIONOur office at Gulpinar Street
DEPARTURE TIMEPlease be ready by 15.45 PM for a prompt departure at 16.00 PM.
RETURN TIMEApproximately 11:00 PM.
Water shoes if possible
Mosquito Repellent
Change of Clothes
Welcome Drink Tea, Coffee, Water
Open Buffet BBQ Dinner
All Day Water
Crab fishing equipment
Fresh fruits
NOT INCLUDEDExtra beverages purchased throughout the trip
Dalyan Evening Boat Trip - Noon to Moon Dalyan Boat Trip
Volkans Adventures - Dalyan - Boat Trips - Sunset, moonlight - Noon to moon - 4
Volkans Adventures - Dalyan - Boat Trips - Sunset, moonlight - Noon to moon - 1
Volkans Adventures - Dalyan - Boat Trips - Sunset, moonlight - Noon to moon - 7
Volkans Adventures - Dalyan - Boat Trips - Sunset, moonlight - Noon to moon - 7
Volkans Adventures - Dalyan - Boat Trips - Sunset, moonlight - Noon to moon - 3
Volkan's Adventures Noon to Moon Boat Trip - People Enjoy Themselves 20
Volkan's Adventures Noon to Moon Boat Trip - People Enjoy Themselves 19
Volkan's Adventures Noon to Moon Boat Trip - People Enjoy Themselves 8
Volkan's Adventures Noon to Moon Boat Trip - People Enjoy Themselves 16
Volkans Adventures Noon to moon Boat Trip - Food & Drink 11
Volkan's Adventures Noon to Moon Boat Trip - People Enjoy Themselves 7
Volkan's Adventures Noon to Moon Boat Trip - People Enjoy Themselves 2
Volkans Adventures Noon to moon Boat Trip - Food & Drink 8
Volkans Adventures Noon to moon Boat Trip - Food & Drink 7
Dalyan Evening Boat Trip - Noon to Moon Dalyan Boat Trip

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 10 reviews
March 19, 2016

On 31st August we went on a noon to (full) moon Dalyan boat trip – we swam in the sea and volcanic lake (Ala Gol), dropped anchor just off turtle beach (Iztuzu Beach) which was great fun. We swam, looking up at the moon and stars in Koycegiz Lake and finished off the evening sitting amidst sparkling candlelight in a natural hot spring. The boat was well equipped and the food and hospitality were excellent.

March 19, 2016

We had read about Volkan’s Adventures via Trip Advisor with lots of great reviews and decided we had to find this guy.

We managed to find the office on our first day in Dalyan and met wonderful Volkan, a friendly guy who, with patience, explained about the trips on offer. We booked three trips with him. Would have gone on more but sadly we had time constraints. Volkan we could write about each trip but you describe them all perfectly and we don’t feel we could do the reviews the same justice! Well apart from attending a Turkish wedding on the Noon to Moon trip and being made so welcome by the bride and grooms uncle! Very special!

Volkan’s trips are different as in they are off the beaten track and consequently so very different and enjoyable. The quality of meals served on the trips we attended were fantastic. Volkan and his crew including Beth and Lydia, lovely Muhammed “Buba” and the boat men and drivers are so accommodating, helpful and kind. We are going back to Dalyan in June 2016 and our first stop will be to say hello to Volkan and book more trips. Can’t wait! Until next year our friend

May 26, 2016

A really different trip suitable for all. Great guide and crew who really know how to get everyone involved. We met so many lovely people on this trip of all ages and from all over the world. A very memorable trip. From swimming in the river to crab fishing on the beach to the unexpected walk through the woods in pitch black to find a secret candle lit hot spring. Smiling as I type from the memory. We also did other trips with Volkan Adventures and would really recommend. Very reliable and everything as described.

July 4, 2016

Well, we enjoy every trip we do with Volkan, but this particular one was just magical, from dancing round the boat with Volkan’s lovely mum, to swimming in the lake with it’s incredible hot springs, crab fishing by the beach at sunset and then cruising back up the river to pick our way across the far bank to be confronted by the sight of a warm sulphur pool full of twinkling nightlights and the sound of frogs echoing all around us ( Don’t worry – they’re not in the pool)! Volkan loves to provide lovely surprises for his friends (guests) and this was just an amazing thing to do. Can’t recommend his trips enough if you’re looking for something just that bit different and certainly special in the company of really nice people. ( The food and hospitality provided by Mehmut and his wife and Mum on the boat was perfect too) .

July 16, 2016

Noon to Moon Cruise – where to start?

I have been on many trips in Turkey but i have to say this is my favourite. Met at Volkan’s to board the boat, great group lots of banter. We sailed slowly down the river way, stopping at the fantastic Candi Lake where the hot springs bubble up from the sea bed, out to Hole Island, barbeque at the beach, back up the river to the lake.- HERE WAS THE HIGHLIGHT-the stars!!! ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE – clear skies and you could see the constellations. Lie back and just enjoy the beauty. Swim in the lake at midnight.
Then back down the lake and river to Volkans secret sulpher spring.
Wander over some scrub land to the most amazing sulpher spring – slide in the warm water (ignore the rotton egg smell) and it really does help aches and pains!!
Another 10 out of 10 VOLKAN

July 10, 2019

The Noon to Moon trip was probably our favourite of the 4 trips which we did with Volkan’s Adventures. There was excellent variety on the trip with the volcanic lake first then the barbeque on the beach where there was also crab fishing which was also an experience. Then there was a night swim in the lake before going to the mudbaths which was a slight change to the itinerary but was also excellent. Then the beautiful stars on the way back which were very impressive and peaceful. a lovely trip.

February 15, 2022

What can I say !!! This is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had whilst being on holiday. Anyone visiting this area needs to book this trip. It was fun from start to finish and the service was 100% We went as tourist and came away friends !!! Will defo be back next year to experience more. Keep up the hard work guys your doing a fab job. teşekkür ederim !!!

February 15, 2022

This trip was fantastic, the BBQ food was excellent as was the service, this trip is well worth doing.

February 15, 2022

Very fun trip with the team. Took boat up river to enjoy the thermal lake and experienced the sulfur pools amongst candle light, very exciting time and met lots of people from around the world

August 17, 2022

A fantastic day from start to finish with our wonderful guide Ahmet. Such a fun experience with delicious food and a party atmosphere dancing on the boat. Highlight of the trip was swimming under the stars at Koycegiz lake. Thoroughly recommend.

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