7 hours
Special Diets

The Dalyan Rivers and Waterfalls journey begins with a scenic drive through the Liquid Amber Forest. A fantastic day out that will combine wading through cool shallow river, walking in the forest, a delicious fresh lunch in Yuvarlakcay and watching the locals (and quite often your guide!) leap off the top of a waterfall! This is a perfect day in the summer, allowing you to cool off in the clean mountain air.

You will be picked up between 09.00 am and 09.30am from your Hotel or Villa, we will then make our way through the Liquid Amber Forest, where we will have a short stop for photographs. We will continue on our journey for another 30 minutes until we stop and you will have a chance to explore the beautiful, natural countryside around the village of Beyobasi.


The next part of the journey is a scenic trek through the gorge, where waterproof footwear is required. We will walk to a number of irrigation channels. These channels transport water from the hills down to the local agricultural areas. Here we will lay down in the channels and gently drift back Turkish style through the water. Like a natural waterslide!


We have a short drive to the famous Trout Farm Restaurant where we will have lunch. An open buffet of starters, followed by a choice of either fresh trout, chicken, meatballs or stuffed mushrooms. A vegetarian option is also available.

After lunch we will head to our next destination. Driving through the mountains taking in fantastic views of Koycegiz Lake. Outside of Koycegiz we will leave the minibus and walk for 30 minutes through the forest. At some points the walk is quite steep but not unmanageable.

When we reach the waterfall you will have the chance to swim in the refreshingly crystal clear cool water, and watch the locals jump into the water from up high. You may even feel brave enough to jump in yourself. If not find the perfect spot on a rock, toes in the water and enjoy some fresh melon whilst watching the brave. On this trip you will get to enjoy Dalyan Rivers and Waterfalls like locals do.

After our swim in the waterfall we will walk back through the forest to the mini bus and head back to Dalyan.

*  This trip is NOT suitable for those with any mobility disabilities.
** %50 discount for children under the age of 12
*** This trip is not suitable for children under 4 years old

Things To Know

TOUR MAX 15 people
DEPARTURE TIME Collection between 09.00 am and 09.30am
RETURN TIME Approximately 17.00 PM
Suitable Shoes or Sandals,
Sunscreen lotion,
Binoculars  (Optional)
Swimwear & Towels (Optional)
Professional Guide
Welcome Drink
Fresh Fruits
NOT INCLUDED Extra beverages purchased throughout the trip

Additional information

Tour ConceptActive, Culture, Food, Nature, Walking

Tour Reviews

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July 14, 2016

Rivers and Waterfalls – Where to start on such a magical day.

Volkan picked us up at 9.30am – a short drive through beautiful Turkish countryside to the amber trees that provide medicinal and perfume sap – tried some on a mosquito bite and it worked great.

On to the river walk – I am almost 70 and have a bad hip so had some trepidation about this trip but the whole group were fantastic – if a member of the group struggled everyone helped. We walked upstream, some tricky bits and it was cold, then Volkan said to slow irrigation channels drift back – one look at a young womans face put me off that bit – gather it was icy!!
On to the restaurant – choice of trout(fresh caught) chicken, meatballs and lamb with sides – unbelievably great. There was a swing out to an ice cold pool – if you had the nerve (I did, not the swing i used the ladder to the pool) the water was sooooo refreshing.

Then on to the waterfall – have to admit i nearly gave up getting there the trail is not easy,it is rocky and not easy but if I had not done it this year i would probably never have done it. Once again the group were great , helping each other over hard bits. At the waterfall it was breathtaking – the locals did acrobatic displays that defy belief.

The water was cool and soothing after the heat of the walk and to add to a perfect day Volkan had bought mmelons to slice in the pool to refresh us.

Volkan is the perfect tour guide – knowledgeable, attentive with attention to detail and above all he makes sure everyone is safe,

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