5 Hours
Special Diets

The horses we use to go horse riding in Dalyan are trained for western style riding, this means that you will use one hand to hold both reins. Because of this it makes riding very easy and you do not need experience to enjoy this evening. Perfect for anyone over the age of 4. The horses are Turkish Rahvan horses who are very well behaved and steady. They are small and sturdy, good for climbing hills. There are hats and body protectors available to borrow. Therefore, you can relax and enjoy a pleasurable evening horse riding in Dalyan.


Eskikoy is one of the small villages that surround Dalyan. Far off the tourist trail, life continues at a slow pace. Meaning you get a glimpse into the real Turkey.

Once we have picked you up from your accommodation we will make a short ten minute journey to reach the stables in the village of Eskikoy. The stable owner knows his horses and their individual temperaments and personalities so will take time ensuing that each of us is matched to the right horse for us. Once the pairing and ridng briefing is complete we will mount our horses and leave through the village lanes. In the late afternoon sun, families often sit on their balconies. The children love to run out to wave at the horses. Upon leaving Eskikoy we will ride towards Köyceğiz Lake. Climbing the country hills around the villages, with the views of Dalyan Delta and Köyceğiz in the distance. When we reach our tethering spot we will secure the horses and walk up a small hill, this will be the spot for a picnic dinner and to watch the beautiful sunset over the lake. The setting is stunning with 360 degree views. Dinner will be a rustic picnic with a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink.

TIP: If you would like to explore more of Koycegiz and visit the bustling market, why not join our unique Koycegiz Evening Market tour?


As the sun is slowly setting the atmosphere is peaceful and you can hear birds and animals calling. Because we are out in the countryside make sure to wear mosquito repellent. We will stay on the hill until the sun sets behind the mountains before returning down the hill to our horses. We will take a slow ride back to the stables and aim to return to Dalyan for approximately 9.30pm meaning you will have plenty of time to jump in the shower and head into town.

*This trip is not suitable for children under 4 years old

**Depending on the season and weather conditions, tour date can be customised.

Things To Know

TOUR MAXTill 1st June 8 people after 1st June 10 people
RETURN TIMEApproximately 21.30 PM
WHAT TO BRINGKnee Length Trousers
Comfortable Shoes or Boots
Eye Protection
Mosquito  Repellant
Professional Guide
Complimentary drinks
Picnic dinner with a glass of wine or a soft drink
Safety gear
Transportation to and from Eskikoy Village
NOT INCLUDEDExtra beverages purchased throughout the trip

Additional information

Tour ConceptActive, Culture, Nature
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