Dear Friends;

We are extremely excited to announce that as of Monday January 4th (Midnight Tonight), we are ready for the 2021 season, all our tours are now on our website and ready to be booked with special promotions for a very limited time. We have a total of 22 tours (plus unlimited options of private tours) that are all exclusive to Volkan’s Adventures, which 5 of them are brand new for 2021. All our classic tours have also been polished and improved; some have changed so much it’s almost a new tour. So, all the tours are worth checking out in detail regardless if you have been on them before. Our Ultimate Adventure “Swimming with Horses” and “Secret Turkey” tours were also new for 2020 season, so these may be a new tour for you too if you missed visiting us last summer. The swimming with Horses was very popular last year so if that’s on you bucket list you definitely need to pre book.

Every season we start with irresistible promotions to book your spaces early. I’m sure we don’t need to remind you that with all the problems caused by COVID last year, lots of you missed out on your Dalyan Fix. Therefore, demand could be high with lots of good news coming with the vaccines and the feedback we get from all of you; it will be a buzzing season in Dalyan. At Volkan’s Adventures we always promise to keep the numbers low and won’t bend any rules regarding COVID restrictions or our small group policy. So, if you have your eye on some of our new tours, or an old favorite, we strongly suggest you go through our website and book your spaces as early as possible. You can always message or email us if you need assistance or you simply don’t want to go through the website and want us to book your tours personally.

This year we have decided to do an amazing promotion, its our best ever, and as we are trying to be more environmentally friendly, not only do you benefit from early booking, it will also benefit the environment of Dalyan town and surrounding areas. We have couple of promotional options for you, for booking a Volkan’s Adventures tour or purchasing a Gift voucher in 2021:


These vouchers come with a £50 and £100 face value that is good to use towards our tours. However you do not only get the face value, but also an amazing present and it’s of benefit to everyone. This gift from us is so unique and beneficial you can dedicate it to a loved one, someone you care for or just yourself, as this wonderful present will come with an official certificate from Dalyan Municipality.

ağac bgDalyan Municipality has given us a location in central Dalyan to plant memorial trees for those who purchase a Christmas/Gift voucher from us. The municipality wants to plant Liquid Amber or Benjamin Trees. We will buy the trees, make the labels, and plant them together with the municipality workers. Planting season is March so your trees will be planted then and we will send you a video as we plant your tree. Municipality suggested that the trees must be at least 2-3 years old so we can be sure that they will survive. However they suggest 4-5 years old will be better as they are now about 2 meters tall and actually are becoming trees. As per our research, the cost of 2-3 year old tree would be about £10 and 4-5 year old ones are £20. Therefore we can offer 2-3 year old tree for those purchased £50 value of voucher and 4-5 year old tree for those who purchased £100 value of voucher. We will plant a tree for each voucher and the certificate can be made out to any name and/or purpose you wish. Also the name tags on the trees can be fully customizable, we can write whatever you wish.

With the cost of trees and labels, we are using about 20-22 % of the income we generate for the trees’ plantation in your name. It doesn’t cost you anything. If you have £200 worth of vouchers, you have £200 cash towards our tours plus 2 magnificent 4-5yr old trees, in the beautiful town of Dalyan which will carry your name or a loved ones forever.


You cannot combine this promotion with other promotions. i.e: we will have some early booking discounts on our tours as we will explain below. You can use your Christmas vouchers to book the tours but you cannot benefit from the early booking discount because you have already gained 20-22% of value. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Starting from midnight tonight (04.01.2021) until February 15th Midnight, you can book all our tours with 15% early bird discount if you book and fully pay for the tour.
    • If you book your tours before January 25th, we will not only give you 15% discount, but also we will plant a 1 year old pine tree through TEMA (Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion) for each tour you book! If you purchase 10 tours, we will plant 10 trees for you. TEMA certified official certificates would be sent out to you. Again, these certificates can be totally customizable for any person or any purpose. i.e: For a newborn baby, a birthday present, a present for someone you know loves Turkey or Dalyan, in memory of a loved one, or for your own name to leave a beautiful footstep in turkey where you love so much.
    • Here is the official website for TEMA: (unfortunately, no English version but you can find lots of information about them on internet) What better way to support the environment and have a permanent little piece of Dalyan.


  •  If you book your tour between February 16th – April 1st, you will get a 10% discount on all our tours and that will be the final promotion for the 2021 season.


What if you book, purchase and pay but for any reason you can’t come?

Your money is always good with us. Depending on the situation and your preference, you can either roll your money to next time or ask for a refund.

Last year about 80% of our early bookings couldn’t make it to Dalyan. About half of these were rolled into this year and half were refunded without any problems. The 20% who could make it to Dalyan was about 70% of all the business we did in 2020 and again all tours were delivered without a problem. Maybe we had to fiddle around with some tours because there were not enough people to depart but everyone was so understanding and happy, we had absolutely no problem neither delivering our promise, nor keeping the Volkan’s Adventures motto “We don’t sell tours we produce smiles” through giving the quality and atmosphere that you deserve.

It would be the same for next year but we now have solid reasons to believe by spring things will be looking much better and you will be able to travel freely and enjoy your time in Dalyan to the utmost. By booking early you are guarantying your place on your favorite trips, benefiting from the best prices , helping the environment , and something to look forward to which we all need, in this current climate. You have absolutely nothing to lose, as your money will be safe with us, so open that bottle of wine, browse our website, and start planning your dreams.