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Situated in the midst of a rare ecosystem, Dalyan is not a seaside town, however it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world nearby. Additionally, Dalyan boasts a unique delta, as well as wonderful lakes that inspire exploring, such as Sulungur, Tuz Lake and Alagöl all of which are situated on the Delta. The ancient city of Caunos, the history of which dates back to the 1st millenium BC, is just across the river. Ruins from a wandering wall that once defended the old city, rise and fall along the steep gradient that holds the terraced Acropolis. Monumental tombs belonging to noble families of Caunos are also found here, carved deeply into a steep cliff of limestone, modelled from temple façades. This stunning bouquet of attractions enamours lovers of nature, history and archaeology to return time and time again.

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Details on foods, regional specialities that goes way beyond kebabs and takes in Middle Eastern and central Asian influences.

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