Gokbel Radar Hill – A Scenic Marvel

Dalyan Lagoon and Iztuzu Beach boast numerous vantage points, (i.e. Candir Hill view point) each offering a unique perspective on their enchanting beauty. Among these, the renowned Gökbel Radar Hill stands out as a prominent observation spot. Despite certain blogs suggesting its inaccessibility without a 4×4 vehicle, the reality is far from the myth.

Directions to Gokbel Radar Hill View Point:

Navigating to Gokbel Radar Hill is a straightforward journey, and the dirt road, often rumored to be challenging, proves to be surprisingly smooth. Any standard vehicle can effortlessly traverse this path. For a clear visual guide, you can refer to the reel shared on Instagram.

1. Starting from the center of Dalyan, head towards Iztuzu Beach.
2. Follow the shoreline of Sülüngür Lake on your journey.
3. Upon reaching the Kargicak Bay sign on the left, make a right turn to commence the ascent.
4. Continue along the forest path, enjoying the scenic climb.
5. When the “Radar – Forest Road” sign appears on the right, enter the dirt road. This road leads to a radar building, and its condition is suitable for regular vehicles, as it is used by business vehicles working in the area.
6. As you approach the point with a clear view of the radar on the hill above, you’ll find a designated area to park your vehicle. This is where the captivating view showcased in the photo unfolds before you.
7. For an even more breathtaking perspective, venture a bit further to the right, beyond the trees.

If you reach this scenic point, don’t forget to tag me in your photos and capture the essence of Gokbel Radar Hill. Here are a few additional tips for those contemplating a visit:

– Public transportation is unavailable, but taxis can take you from Dalyan center.
– The lighting on the radar side is most enchanting in the afternoon or during sunset. If possible, plan your visit accordingly to experience the captivating views in the best possible illumination.
– After enjoying the Gokbel Radar Hill viewpoint, consider ascending further to the hill where the radar is located. From this elevated vantage point, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of both Iztuzu and Kargicak sides, providing a truly stunning angle.

Photo and Text: @cokokuyancokgezen

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