Candir Hill View Point
Candir Hill View Point

Candir Hill – A Panoramic Oasis

Perched atop Candir Hill, this hidden gem offers an enchanting view of the picturesque Dalyan Lagoon. The journey to this captivating view involves a short climb above the beach, rewarding visitors with a breathtaking scene that encapsulates the essence of Dalyan.

Upon reaching the hill, two wooden viewing terraces owned by OGM (Forestry General Management)  provide the ideal vantage point for capturing the stunning Dalyan panorama. To access this view, a mild ascent beyond the stabilized dirt road is required. Fear not, for although the road is unpaved, it is well-maintained and suitable for vehicles without low clearance.

Directions to Çandır Hill View Point:

1. Cross from Dalyan to the opposite shore and head towards Çandir Village.
2. In Candir Village, follow the direction of “Ekincik Bay” opposite the “Kaunos” sign.
3. Proceed on the cobblestone road briefly.
4. As you enter the dirt road, take a left at the first fork.
5. Stay on the dirt road, following the signs primarily indicating “beach.”
6. At each road junction marked with a sign, continue left.
7. Continue in the direction of the beach as suggested by the signs.
8. Once you spot the beach sign near the road’s exit, veer left again.
9. Park your vehicle at the end of the road where you’ll find doors with a “NOT ENTRY” sign. It’s important to note that the area marked with the “NOT ENTRY” sign is private property.
10. Follow the path beside the door for approximately 100 meters to reach the panoramic view showcased in the photo.

For a clear visual guide, you can refer to the reel shared on Instagram.

For those without a car, navigating to Radar Hill or Candir Hill can be challenging. While hitchhiking might be an option, the availability of fellow travelers could be limited. Taxis may be hesitant to traverse the dirt road. In such cases, reaching out to the tourist information office, municipality, or local headman for assistance proves to be a practical solution. For instance, contacting the Çandır Headquarters provided valuable insights about the road to Candir Hill during our visit. Explore this hidden oasis and revel in the panoramic beauty that Dalyan has to offer!

Here is an instagram reel with detailed directions to find the Candir Hill view point:

Photo and Text: @cokokuyancokgezen

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