Nestled along the southwestern coast of Turkey, Dalyan is a hidden gem offering unparalleled natural beauty, rich history, and serene landscapes. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting region is through Dalyan boat trips, which provide an immersive experience into its diverse attractions. From ancient ruins to pristine beaches, Dalyan’s waterways reveal a

Introduction: Nestled in the heart of Turkey lies the culturally vibrant region of Adıyaman, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, ancient history, and, perhaps most notably, its exquisite cuisine. Among the array of tantalizing dishes that grace Adıyaman's culinary scene, Maklube stands out as a true masterpiece. Join us on a gastronomic journey as we delve

Gokbel Radar Hill – A Scenic Marvel Dalyan Lagoon and Iztuzu Beach boast numerous vantage points, (i.e. Candir Hill view point) each offering a unique perspective on their enchanting beauty. Among these, the renowned Gökbel Radar Hill stands out as a prominent observation spot. Despite certain blogs suggesting its inaccessibility without a 4×4 vehicle, the

Love has always been a powerful force that has inspired countless poems, songs, and legends. Throughout human history, it has played a significant role in our lives, prompting us to go to great lengths to make our loved ones happy. While some people remain bound by rationality, there are those who have no limits when

Sedir Island, located in the Gulf of Gökova, is a remarkable destination known for its ancient ruins and natural beauty. The island is part of a triple island group and is the largest among them. Its necropolis area, situated on the mainland, is home to various historical sites that showcase spectacular beauty. One of the

Gocek is a town located in the Fethiye district of Muğla province and is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist areas. The biggest attraction of Göcek is its magnificent natural beauty and a unique archipelago consisting of 12 islands called Gocek 12 Islands. The name of the Gocek 12 Islands is the name of an

Muğla’s declared “Strictly Protected Sensitive Area” Sığla Forests, impresses domestic and foreign tourists every summer in terms of cultural tourism. The decision has been made to register and declare the sığla forests within the natural SIT area in the Ortaca and Dalaman districts of Muğla as a ‘Definitely protected sensitive area’. The oil extracted from

Kofta or “Kofte” is a popular meatball type of dish in Turkey and the middle east. We have many kofta recipes and kebabs in Turkish cuisine. Here is an excellent Kofte recipe the way we make it at home, easily using a food processor. The great thing is you can freeze and cook whenever you

Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey There are many Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey that are interesting to visit and many activities to do in Turkey. Enjoying the sandy blue flag beaches and the clear seas, visiting various interesting landscapes, seeing the historical Ottoman mosques and traveling back in time in the world of ancient civilizations

Everyone may be talking about their trips to the Grand Bazaar or the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, but when it comes to shopping local and eating seasonal, the weekly bazaars you’ll see in almost every district will offer you a wonderful way to connect with Turkish culture The weekly “pazar,” which is what the Turks

Patara is Turkey’s longest beach. You can stroll along this sandy beach for a whopping 12km enjoying the lovely dunes as a backdrop. (Yes, we’ve measured it on Google Maps!) Patara beach is a delight for people who like walking or horseriding on the shore and for sunbathers and swimmers on the lookout for a

  Bozüyük is a small village in Muğla with a population of just a few hundred people. It’s a traditional village with old houses, farms, tractors, animals, little shops, a cafe and teahouses with men outside playing backgammon. It’s also home to the beautiful Pınarbaşı restaurant, built in a natural park which has an 800 year

No matter how much or how little you know about wine, chances are you’ve heard about sulfites. Blamed for everything from allergies to hangovers, sulfites are compounds that naturally occur in the human body, certain foods, and wine. They can also be created synthetically to use as preservatives. As such, there’s an ongoing debate about

The best Turkish wine is underrated, and more producers are looking abroad due to strict alcohol laws… Turkey has an ancient winemaking history stretching back millennia, well before the classic civilisations of Greece and Rome helped to cement the popularity of wine as a cultural cornerstone. But it’s only recently that Turkey’s wine industry has

Selimiye is located about 38 kilometres on the southwest of Marmaris. It is 10 kilometres from the village Orhaniye.  Selimiye is another popular stopping point for the yacht, gulets and boats sailing between Marmaris and Bodrum. WHAT IT IS LIKE? Selimiye is famous for its wonderful bay, beach, cafes and fresh sea food at the

Orhaniye is situated on the southwest of Marmaris and 2,5 kilometres away from Turgut, 26,4 kilometres from Marmaris. Orhaniye is an important tourist place by the Hisaronu Gulf. Here you’ll find a quick travel guide and holidays to Orhaniye Marmaris, Kizkumu beach, with top things to do and see plus insider advice. HOW IT IS

For Turks, kahvalti (breakfast) happens every single day of the week, and it’s just as much a ritual on Wednesday as it is on Sunday. It’s why I wasn’t allowed to grab a Pop Tart on my way to school (and cereal was never an option)––I ate a little bit of cheese, a little jam,

Please click image to enlarge slider Hotel - Breakfast and Evening Meal optional 35 rooms - double, twin and triple Shared pool Fabulous hotel with Mugla style architecture buildings surrounding stunning large pool Family run hotel set on a stunning 3000 metre squared plot of land, comprising 35 rooms with 70 beds set in beautiful
Please click image to enlarge slider Lunch, Evening Meals,Desserts Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Coffee River View Soft Background Music Enjoy the exquisite taste of Mediterranean Cuisine with the most romantic riverside view of Dalyan. Yakamoz Restaurant, has extraordinary views of the ancient rock tombs which you can enjoy whilst dining on their gorgeous jetty. With
Please click image to enlarge slider Family run hotel, Breakfasts and Evening Meals available 32 rooms Shared pool Gorgeous large hotel with stunning pool and tranquil garden surroundings. Located a mere 10 minute stroll from the town centre, Yavuz Hotel is a family run business with a very large beautiful pool in stunning garden surroundings,
Please click image to enlarge slider Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Meals,Desserts Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Coffee River View Soft Background Music Located on the main river walk next to Palmyra, The River Terrace is a newly opened family run business offering food and service you will never forget. From delicious english and turkish breakfasts, to fantastic
Please click image to enlarge slider Self Catering Apartments - Breakfast and Evening Meal optional 1 & 2 bedroom apartments Shared pool Beautiful apart hotel featuring Ottoman style buildings and a stunning outdoor pool area. 800m from the town centre stands the magnificent Osmanlı Hanı Apart Hotel. With gorgeous ottoman style buildings, fully equipped 2

Ideal for a leisurely holiday by the sea, Gocek is situated at the head of the bay in the Gulf of Fethiye in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Lying in the foothills of pine-clad mountains, overlooking the 12 islands, Gocek makes a picture-perfect seaside resort. Gocek is one of the largest natural harbors has recently

A fertile region between the two volcanoes – Hasan Dagi and Erciyes Dagi, lies the region of Cappadocia. Known as Cappadocia in the ancient times, at present it is informally called the Kapadokya. The town lies to the east of Konya, and is surrounded by the Nigde in the south, Kirsehir in the north, Kayseri

Please click image to enlarge slider Breakfast Included, Evening Meal Optional 17 newly rennovated rooms, 2 family suites Shared pool Gorgeous newly rennovated riverfront hotel in the centre of town with stunning views of the river and tombs. Situated close by to Soul Kitchen and the Jazz Bar, right on the river front in the

Istanbul, or the ancient city of Constantinople spells splendour, magnificence and grandeur and is viewed at present as Turkey’s cultural heart. Discover its history, its cultures, its civilisation and its treasures and take home a world of memories to cherish. How to Get There Flying There are daily flights in and out of Istanbul via

When travelling anywhere it is helpful to have a general idea about a culture and local mannerisms. It may save you from any potentially awkward situations. Knowing, for instance how people greet one another will get you bonus points among the locals. The Tourist Information Office You can pack a travel guide or two with

So here we are, at the portion of our Turkey travel guide where we talk money. Planning your travel and the expenses of your travel might be the most important part of your entire trip. It will not only give you an idea of what you may expect to spend, but also what you can

MOST USEFUL TURKISH WORDS Learn some basic Turkish words and phrases before you travel to Turkey. You will be surprised how useful they will be every day during your travels. Here is the list of Turkish words and phrases that can be used to begin a basic conversation while you are in Turkey, especially in

DID YOU KNOW? How much information do you know about Turkey? Turkey is a land of contrasts bringing together a mixture of East and West and has so much to offer her visitors. Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents, Europe and Asia. Catalhoyuk is known as one of the

Travel Routes & Itineraries for Holiday in Turkey A few days: If you only have a few days to vacation in Turkey, think about what kind of trip you want. If you want a main destination that has a little bit of everything from history, to culture, great food, beaches and a party atmosphere, then

Getting Around Turkey Travelling from place to place in Turkey is not much of a problem in as you have some choices. It is custom for many to book last-minute when getting transport to another location, which can be done, just plan ahead around any major holidays or you might get stuck. Train The trains

Before you go and get too excited and even distracted about your journey to Turkey, there are some important details you might want to research and inform yourself about. A vacation to Turkey is one that will require some thought, consideration and planning. There are a lot of things to see and do, but before

Please click image to enlarge slider Breakfast Included, Evening Meal Optional 16 newly rennovated rooms Shared pool Gorgeous newly rennovated boutique hotel in the centre of town with stunning views of the river and tombs. A family run business, Dalyan Terrace Hotel is situated opposite Temsi restaurant in the heart of Dalyan. Offering the choice

Devranzade Tahsin Aga, a prominent citizen of the region, owned a 17-decare property in the vicinity of Dalyan, granted to him by Mihrişah Sultan. Later, his grandson Tahsin Davran realised a life-long wish to sell the property as a part of the Land Reformation Act in 1940, shortly before his death. Ali Riza, the village head of the time, was instrumental in making the transaction so that 120 inhabitants of Dalyan shared titles in what became the beginning of Dalyan’s present land registry.

Please click image to enlarge slider Breakfasts, Main Meals, Snacks & Desserts Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Coffee Beautiful gardens and grounds Soft Background Music Located less than a ten minute drive from Dalyan the Leyley Restaurant is a beautful venue set in stunning grounds on the Ortaca road. With it's garden home to several migrating

Byblis, seized by a passion, for her brother, scion of Apollo; that Byblis serves for a warning to girls, against illicit love. She loved, not as a sister loves a brother, nor as she should. At first, it is true, she did not understand the fires of passion, or think it wrong, to kiss, together, often, or throw her arms round her brother’s neck. For a long time she was deceived by the misleading likeness to sisterly affection

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while actually, and by a while I mean about the past nine months. Work appraisals always flagged up my tendency to put things off until I was really in the mood to do them, which I always rebuffed (when I got round to it) but in all truthfulness it’s a pretty accurate description of me.

School reports mirrored those of my fathers almost identically in saying if I spent as much time applying myself to studying as I did to making people laugh I’d be a genius (ish) but hey you can’t be all things to all people.

Please click image to enlarge slider Main Meals, Famous Khachapuri Georgian Pie Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Coffee Indescribable view of Bacardi Bay and Rhodes between the mountains Sounds of Nature The Sunset Restaurant is a small mountaintop restaurant, it looks over the Datca Peninsula (aka Reşadiye Peninsula) and Rhodes Island in the far distance. It is
Please click image to enlarge slider Complimentary snacks and fruits Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Coffee Gulpinar Street Live music every night from 10pm The one and only premier live music venue in Dalyan! Every night is live music night at this venue with regular and guest performers ready to spoil you with fantastic sets full
Please click image to enlarge slider Breakfast Included, Evening Meal Optional 13 rooms Shared pool Gorgeous intimate boutique hotel in the centre of town situated opposite the river. Situated opposite the river just behind the Jazz Bar in Gulpinar Street, Oskay Boutique Hotel is a charming place for visitors wanting a relaxing break in Dalyan.
Please click image to enlarge slider 2 guests 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Shared pool Beautiful 1 bed apartment with gorgeous shared pool and large gardens situated a short walk from the town centre Dalyan. 1 bedroom ground floor apartment with shared garden and private terrace, guests are limited to 2. Located on a quiet road,
Please click image to enlarge slider 2 guests 1 bedroom 1 bathroom Shared pool Stunning 1 bed boutique apartment with gorgeous shared pool situated in central Dalyan. Yaz apartment is newly beautifully re-furnished 1 bedroom apartment ideal for couples. The apartment is styled with a modern touch that is located on the first floor. The
Please click image to enlarge slider Snacks & Main Meals,  Alcohol, Soft Drinks & Coffee Main Street Background Music, Livelier Later On Conveniently placed towards the beginning of bar street, Yeners Place is a great venue for something to eat as a starting point or your place to remain for your whole night. Indoor and