When travelling anywhere it is helpful to have a general idea about a culture and local mannerisms. It may save you from any potentially awkward situations. Knowing, for instance how people greet one another will get you bonus points among the locals. The Tourist Information Office You can pack a travel guide or two with

So here we are, at the portion of our Turkey travel guide where we talk money. Planning your travel and the expenses of your travel might be the most important part of your entire trip. It will not only give you an idea of what you may expect to spend, but also what you can

MOST USEFUL TURKISH WORDS Learn some basic Turkish words and phrases before you travel to Turkey. You will be surprised how useful they will be every day during your travels. Here is the list of Turkish words and phrases that can be used to begin a basic conversation while you are in Turkey, especially in

DID YOU KNOW? How much information do you know about Turkey? Turkey is a land of contrasts bringing together a mixture of East and West and has so much to offer her visitors. Istanbul is the only city in the world located on two continents, Europe and Asia. Catalhoyuk is known as one of the

Travel Routes & Itineraries A few days: If you only have a few days to vacation in Turkey, think about what kind of trip you want. If you want a main destination that has a little bit of everything from history, to culture, great food, beaches and a party atmosphere, then go to Istanbul. It

Getting Around Turkey Travelling from place to place in Turkey is not much of a problem in as you have some choices. It is custom for many to book last-minute when getting transport to another location, which can be done, just plan ahead around any major holidays or you might get stuck. Train The trains

Before you go and get too excited and even distracted about your journey to Turkey, there are some important details you might want to research and inform yourself about. A vacation to Turkey is one that will require some thought, consideration and planning. There are a lot of things to see and do, but before

Devranzade Tahsin Aga, a prominent citizen of the region, owned a 17-decare property in the vicinity of Dalyan, granted to him by Mihrişah Sultan. Later, his grandson Tahsin Davran realised a life-long wish to sell the property as a part of the Land Reformation Act in 1940, shortly before his death. Ali Riza, the village head of the time, was instrumental in making the transaction so that 120 inhabitants of Dalyan shared titles in what became the beginning of Dalyan’s present land registry.

Byblis, seized by a passion, for her brother, scion of Apollo; that Byblis serves for a warning to girls, against illicit love. She loved, not as a sister loves a brother, nor as she should. At first, it is true, she did not understand the fires of passion, or think it wrong, to kiss, together, often, or throw her arms round her brother’s neck. For a long time she was deceived by the misleading likeness to sisterly affection

Ready to dive into this limitless treasure? The Western Mediterranean Region that houses Dalyan is just like a paradise on earth with its long fine sandy beaches and picturesque ancient ruins.

Dalyan has a Mediterranean climate with plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures and a limited amount of rainfall. The climate of the Aegean is superbly mild. Summers are hot but rarely exceed 40°C, even during July and August. Spring and autumn are sunny, with blue skies and daily temperatures averaging in the high teens. Winters are mild with occasional precipitation.

Please click image to enlarge slider 4 guests 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom private pool Located in the beautiful village of Gokbel near Dalyan, The Palm House is an ideal spot for visitors looking for serenity, relaxation, and exclusivity in a rural setting.   The space The Palm House is an ideal spot for those who

Sea turtles have been living on earth for 110 million years, the human being, however, for only 2-3 million years. Of the eight species living in the world’s seas, five are present in the Mediterranean. It is estimated that only a limited number of individuals of the Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), the Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and the Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) species enter the Mediterranean for nutrition or by mistake.

The birth of a unique ecosystem consisting of Köycegiz Lake, the Dalyan River and Delta and the Iztuzu Beach is part of an ancient and great tale concerning the formation of the earth’s crust that started in the Mesozoic Era, 251 millon years ago, and continues today with the changes caused by terrestrial forces.

On October 30, 1918, aboard the British battleship Agamemnon, anchored in the port of Mudros on the Aegean island of Lemnos, representatives of Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire sign an armistice treaty marking the end of Ottoman participation in the First World War. The Armistice of Mudros, which was concluded on October 30, 1918,

İmam bayıldı is a Turkish dish made from eggplant cooked with olive oil and filled with onions, garlic, and tomatoes and served at room temperature. It translates as the “imam swooned,” suggesting that the dish was so delicious that the imam, or prayer leader of the mosque, fainted at the sight and taste of it.

I have a confession to make……. I love trees. Any trees will do but what I really love are ancient trees. Old monuments that have stood the test of time. I struggle to get my head around the amount of history these living beings have witnessed. Ancient Trees Where I come from in Sussex we have

There are new batches of cherries in the markets at the moment. On our trip to Mugla this week I bought far too many. Now what to do with my glut of cherries? Baked Cherry Cheesecake is the answer. Ingredients 225 grams of biscuits (digestives are good but you can use any plain biscuits) 1

Everything you need to know about Ramadan: Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year for Muslims During the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast every day from dawn to sunset. Many also pray more frequently, give more to charity and study the Quran more deeply. It is a time for families and celebrations.

I have always wondered how it is possible that three great religions all come from the same part of the world and the oldest and newest both have fairly strict dietary rules but Christianity seems to have none. Well, it turns out that they are all very similar but Christianity has a bit of a

These borek are so simple to make that this isn’t really a recipe. More of a construction guide.They can be filled with anything. Spinach and meat is the favorite but potato works well as does minced lamb. They make the perfect snack when you are wandering round a market! Some of the best that I

Kandil or the Five Holy Nights are celebrated throughout Turkey each year.  The meaning of Kandil comes from the word Candle from the time of Sultan Selim II who lit candles in the Mosques Minarets to mark the holy evenings. The Days of the Islamic Calendar start at sunset, which is why Kandil is celebrated

Cadianda is one of those Turkish gems. A ruined city, that in any other country, would be awash with tourists. In Turkey, it sits on top of a mountain with scarcely any visitors. The wealth of history that litters the countryside never fails to amaze me. For the bargain price of £1 you can walk

THE SILK ROAD The Silk Road is an ancient caravan trail that stretches from East to West. From China through India, Asia Minor, ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, the African continent, Greece and Rome, and finally to Britain. I have always been fascinated by the Silk Road. I am sure that the reality was very tough but I think

In our markets broad beans have just started appearing. A rare treat from the local villages. They are never seem to be in abundance so I always grab them while I can and freeze some. Here are two lovely recipes that make the most of this spring delicacy. Broad Bean Dip 600g fresh broad beans  2

A couple of weeks ago I went on an exploration to Afyon. This is a very brief account of the trip. Situated in the middle of Turkey it is a bit of a trek from Dalyan. Six hours of driving through countryside.  As we neared Afyon the landscape changed from green forests to the flat plains

Since I moved to Turkey I haven’t missed any food. Even at Christmas there wasn’t much tat I missed. However, Easter is fast approaching and I have been known to consume quite a few hot cross buns. Toasted with lots of butter, cold with lots of butter, straight out of the packet, I don’t care

What is Hidirellez ? Hidirellez  is one of the most important bayrams in Turkey and celebrates the arrival of spring. The period between May 6 and November 8 was classed as summer, called the “Days of Hızır”, and the period between November 8 and May 6 was winter, called the “Days of Kasım”. Therefore, May 6th

Turkish court has ruled for the suspension of Booking.com’s activities in the country on Wednesday after the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB) filed a lawsuit over unfair competition. According to a statement released on TURSAB’s website, Istanbul’s 5th commercial court of first instance ruled in favor of the association, suspending the online hotel reservation website’s

A good example of the richness of its cuisine is, without a doubt, Turkish dried fruits and nuts. No country eats and reveres dried fruit, seeds and nuts quite like Turkey. Today, the consumption of nuts has become an essential part of a healthy diet. Nuts have been recommended primarily for coronary heart diseases, problems in

This Mother’s day make your mum, or anyone else, a sweet treat that you can wrap and give. Turkish Delight and crunchy Nut Brittle make a lovely combination. Both these sweet treats are popular in Turkey. You can find them in markets and towns when you go shopping. Some of the nicest are found in

Alan Fenn and his partner Janet have lived in the village of Okcular for the past 20 years. He is the author of ‘Okçular Village – a Guide’ and ‘Backways & Trackways’. Alan Fenn’s  books are for the sole purpose of generating an income that can be spent on environmental and community projects in Okcular,

At this time of year there are hundreds of oranges in Turkey. Literally falling on the floor and rotting. So far I have marmalade, biscuits, rice pudding and sorbet! Now to try Turkish Orange cake……… Ingredients Zest from 5 oranges 4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 cup flour Syrup: Juice from the 5 oranges

In Britain I was very good at knowing my wildflowers. If you had stuck me in the middle of a meadow or woodland I could have told what you could and couldn’t eat. Move to Turkey and I am slightly lost. Common Turkish herbs are easy, as is fruit. It’s everything in between. Flowers for

This is more than just a Persian soup. It can make a very filling meal and is a great way to use up vegetables and pulses that might otherwise be thrown away. I hate waste! Alternatively, visit a local market and try out some vegetables that you have never seen before. Visit a Turkish market

Turkey has witnessed many different religions leaving the country with a wealth of religious tourist attractions. There are the world famous examples, the stunning Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul. Both are spectacular and definitely worth visiting but what about the other , lesser known sites? Akdamar Church is an ancient Armenian place of

If you fancy going all out on pancakes today then try these gozleme as your main course followed by yet more pancakes. You can kid yourselves that you are being healthy before you ruin everything with lots of sugar, chocolate spread and maple syrup! To enjoy authentic Turkish gozleme you can try them on one of

Ever wondered what those dried things are that hang outside shops and in the market? Dried aubergine shells, is the answer. I hadn’t really taken much notice of them but I decided to explore and experiment! I have included a Turkish recipe below but these dried aubergines are fantastic as a carb free cannelloni substitute.

The busy town of Fethiye is only an hour away from Dalyan. It is situated in a pretty bay surrounded by steep mountains and pine forests. Within the bay there are numerous islands, perfect for sailing around. Fethiye The town is rich in history with similar Lycian Rock tombs to Dalyan. Fethiye was known as

Around Dalyan there are many picturesque small villages. Often overlooked by tourists and they remain undiscovered. Despite being close to the thriving tourist town of Dalyan, famous for it’s loggerhead turtles, village life revolves around agriculture. They retain their rural charm.  In Turkey the definition of a village is a population below 2000. Before the

In Turkish and Islamic folklore spring arrives only after the three Cemres have occured. The Cemre are three fireballs that come from Heaven to warm earth at the end of winter. Each cemre happens a week apart and heats one aspect of nature. Dictionary definition – Cemre: means “ember of fire; piece of fire; coal in

The Yoruk people of Turkey have traditionally been shepherds that migrate between the mountains and the coast. Today many now live in houses but still have dwellings in both areas. Migration In winter, they drive their flocks down to the coast where the weather stays warmer and there is more food available. Whilst in spring

There are numerous Alevi villages around Dalyan. Kemaliye, Marmarli and Fevziye to name a few. Alevi is the term used to describe people  and the religion that form the largest minority within Turkey. Alevis take many beliefs from Shia Islam, also Shaman, Sufi and Zoroastrian religions, going back 6,000 years. Their faith includes the worship

Tah-chin – Persian Savoury Rice cake Tah-chin is an Iranian rice dish that can be baked in the oven or cooked on the stove. The description of being a savoury cake always puts me off but please persevere. This is one of my favorite recipes and is a great comfort food. Tah-chin can be made

Totally guilt free flapjacks Make these totally guilt free flapjacks with a clear conscience! They are sugar free and packed with healthy ingredients. The perfect treat for when you aren’t meant to be eating treats. They also make a great addition to a lunchbox. Ingredients 2 over ripe bananas 150 gr porridge oats 3 tablespoons

My recipe for spicy sweet mixed nuts is the perfect way to use up leftovers from the holidays. You can use any combination of nuts or stick to one type. Easy to make and a tasty snack for any time of the day. Ingredients to make spicy sweet nuts 3 tbsp of runny honey 2

Tandır lamb is a dish that you can find in any Turkish restaurant. Here, I have taken the main principles but added some extras. It makes the perfect dish for New Year. Serve for a dinner party with added pitta, spiced rice and a pomegranate salad. As a big rustic stew after the fireworks or

This year I moved to Turkey and am therefore spending Christmas in a Muslim country. I have never been very good at Christmas. As a child with divorced parents no matter how hard everyone tries you are painfully aware of the missing parent. As an adult that issue never goes away but you have the added

My background is horticulture. For as long as I could walk and talk my mother dragged me around gardens, woodlands and parks drumming into the names of plants. I have worked everywhere from rundown nurseries to very high-end garden centres to huge landscaping contracts. Now I live in Turkey, one of the best and most

These hazelnut biscuits are delicious with a cup of çay or coffee. Store in an airtight box they will keep for a week. As long as you can resist! Ingredients 250 g salted butter 350 g caster sugar 2 eggs 300 g plain flour 2 tsp baking powder 50 g ground almonds 4 tbsp hazelnuts,

This recipe for Wedding Pilaf, Perde Pilaf, comes from the south east of Turkey. Roughly resembling a house, the final shape of the dish is meant to symbolise the building of a new home. The dough is filled with a variety of nuts, herbs and spices and chicken. Within the family the making of this celebratory dish falls to the women, they gather together and assemble the dish before the wedding dinner.