Sedir Island, located in the Gulf of Gökova, is a remarkable destination known for its ancient ruins and natural beauty. The island is part of a triple island group and is the largest among them. Its necropolis area, situated on the mainland, is home to various historical sites that showcase spectacular beauty.

Ancient walls

One of the notable attractions on Sedir Island is the 2500-seat antique theatre, which reflects the architectural prowess of the ancient civilizations. The Sanctuary of Apollo, basilica, and church buildings also contribute to the island’s historical significance. Additionally, the island boasts a beach of unique beauty, which is named after the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Kerme Korfezi - Sedir Adasi

According to legend, the renowned Roman general Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra had a legendary love affair. It is said that Marcus Antonius brought golden sand from Alexandria, Egypt, to create the beach as a gift for his beloved Cleopatra. This romantic tale has been passed down through generations and adds to the allure of Sedir Island.

Sedir island, amphitheater from air

With its golden beach, turquoise blue sea, and cultural heritage, Sedir Island is often described as a corner of heaven. It offers visitors a chance to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings while exploring the historical treasures that shed light on the island’s rich past.

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