An Epic Love Story: Antonius & Cleopatra
Kerme Korfezi - Sedir Adasi

Love has always been a powerful force that has inspired countless poems, songs, and legends. Throughout human history, it has played a significant role in our lives, prompting us to go to great lengths to make our loved ones happy.

While some people remain bound by rationality, there are those who have no limits when it comes to bringing joy to their beloved. So, how far would you go to ensure the happiness of the person you love?

Now, let us pose a question to you: What is the most surprising thing you have ever done for love? You may believe that your surprise was the greatest, but what if we told you about Marcus Aurelius, who brought enough sand from Egypt to Sedir Island to create a beach just to make his beloved Cleopatra happy? Truly romantic, isn’t it?

Before delving into the story behind this magnificent gesture, let’s first explore the history of Sedir Island, which has witnessed an epic love story.

Sedir Island, with its historical charm, holds a clue to its name. The word “Ceadrae” bears a striking resemblance to the meaning you already know – cedar tree. In ancient times, the island was adorned with cedar trees, and it derived its name from these fragrant trees.

Sedir Island - Kleopatra Bay

However, do not be disheartened to learn that Sedir Island no longer boasts these aromatic trees. Instead, they have been replaced by equally beautiful maquis, olive, and pine trees. The island’s allure extends beyond its foliage, as it is also home to a rich history.

Sedir Island captivates its visitors not only with its natural beauty but also with its historical treasures. The island is adorned with walls dating back to the Hellenistic period and even earlier. These walls, which encircle the northern and southern parts of the island, leave visitors in awe with their grandeur. However, the most remarkable structure on the island is the ancient theater, capable of accommodating 2500 people. The theater is also notable for being one of the three largest theaters on the opposite side of Rhodes.

Cleopatra Beach, known for its natural beauty, walls, and theater, is the most famous place on Sedir Island. The beach is home to sand that has traveled from different continents. Now that we have learned enough about Sedir Island and Cleopatra Beach, let’s return to the love story that will warm your hearts!

Amphitheatre at Sedir Island

During the Roman Second Triumvirate, Marcus Antonius takes control of the eastern Roman dominions and travels to Tarsus. Legend has it that he meets Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, in Tarsus, and his life changes dramatically. However, Antonius is unaware of what the future holds for him.

Initially, Antonius and Cleopatra are focused on their shared political interests. Cleopatra wants to regain her lost lands, while Antonius seeks a strong ally for his attack on Iran. Their political alliance, which eventually transforms into a legendary love story, starts as a strategic collaboration. But love has a way of changing everything. They fall in love, despite facing opposition from their families. Love is blind and conquers all.

panoramic view of Sedir Island

Over time, the political alliance transforms into love. It is perhaps one of the most well-known love stories in history. The moments filled with love gradually become enchanting tales, one of which takes place on Sedir Island.

One day, the couple visits the island and experiences a holiday that will forever be etched in their memories. The island possesses everything one could desire: breathtaking nature, a magnificent sea, stunning sunrises, and sunsets. However, there is one thing missing: sand. Sedir Island lacks a beach where golden sands meet refreshing waters. This deficiency must have greatly troubled Cleopatra, prompting her to confide in Antonius about her sorrow.


Faciliities at Cleopatra Beach

Antonius, unable to ignore the sadness of the woman he loves deeply, decides to present Cleopatra with a legendary gift. He has a beach constructed on Sedir Island by importing sand. It may sound unbelievable, but upon Antonius’ command, a total of60 ships transport sand from Egypt to Sedir Island. Finally, the island obtains its beach, and Cleopatra, for whom Antony has achieved the impossible, has her wish fulfilled.

According to legends, the unique coastline of Sedir Island is formed in this manner. Let us delve further into why this coast is extraordinary. Each grain of sand comprising the beach is of the same size and shape. The marvel of Sedir Island does not end there. The sand has the ability to reproduce by reacting with soda, thus expanding the beach. As you gaze upon the sand’s color, a distinct golden yellow awaits your arrival. Wouldn’t you like to write your own love story while strolling along this exquisite beach? Then, waste no time and visit Sedir Island.

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