What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know
I’ve been meaning to do this for a while actually, and by a while I mean about the past nine months. Work appraisals always flagged up my tendency to put things off until I was really in the mood to do them, which I always rebuffed (when I got round to it) but in all truthfulness it’s a pretty accurate description of me. School reports mirrored those of my fathers almost identically in saying if I spent as much time applying myself to studying as I did to making people laugh I’d be a genius (ish) but hey you can’t be all things to all people.
What I Saw In My Reflection
As an avid reader and someone who thoroughly enjoys driving, longer car journeys to me either as passenger or vehicle controller are a real source of excitement as they provide a great opportunity to do these activities for a substantial period of time (try not to mix the two though that doesn’t tend to end well ;)) So when the VA HQ gang decided to head out on a road trip and trial the ideas we had for Reflections of Taurus I charged my iPad and got ready for some serious novel indulgence as we knew the initial leg of the journey would take us around three hours to complete.
Do You Understand Me?
Reading, writing and the importance of language is something that is attempted to be taught to most of us from a very young age. I’m one of life’s readers – give me a good book and you won’t see me for days. My sister on the other hand, is incredibly intelligent but has probably voluntarily read about three books in her lifetime. Some grasp it straight away, others take somewhat longer, some thoroughly enjoy the challenges of learning new words and how to use them both in the spoken and written form, others view it as nothing but necessity. Neither viewpoint can be seen as superior to the other as after all, the right to opinion is something that has been fought for over centuries.