Mugla Municipality’s Effective Combat Of Mosquitos Deserves an Applaud
Dalyan Mosquitoes and Combat Against them

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Mugla Municipality has adapted new and advanced techniques to combat mosquitoes that is both effective and environmentally safe. The municipality has been effectively working and says that will continue working 12 months a year program to fight with the mosquitos and other harmful insects.

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Teams have been busy all winter taking effective precautions by spraying places where mosquitos would lay their eggs. All sewage channels, watering tanks, sewage tanks, sewage rehabilitation centres, reed beds etc have been sprayed and checked periodically both in Dalyan and around Mugla in general. They are not only spraying these places, but also taking precautions such as foam sealing the lids, covering all holes and cracks in depots, pipes and tanks.

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Mugla Municipality Health and Social Services Board President Hacı Koc said: “Our teams are working around the clock to help improve the public health by combatting against harmful insects with chemicals that are in international norms for being both effective and environmentally safe. We are not only combatting by spraying possible sources of harmful insect development, but also we have been mapping the whole area to determine possible growth areas and where eggs would be laid. We have a routine control and combat schedule that will continue all around the year.”

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Mr Yucel Okutur, president of DOKTOB (Dalyan Ortaca Koycegiz Tourism Association has also thanked Mugla Municipality for their effective work. Mr. Okutur said that with the efforts of Mugla Municipality, there is a dramatic drop in mosquitos in Dalyan Area and he wished them success in their efforts that deserves an applaud.

P.S: Mugla Municipalities effective and dedicated combat against mosquitos has also been covered by Turkish National Media with praises.


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Judy Neal
April 2, 2016
Have they discovered compounds which only target mosquitoes and their eggs/larvae, and cause no harm to other insects such as dragonflies or bees? I'd like to know more about this.
April 3, 2016
Hi judy;no they didn't discover new compounds. Biopesticide compounds, which are extracted from plants, are insect specific pesticides with little or no harm to other insects other than the targeted insects have been known and used since 2011. It was just a matter of finances and will. So they are using biopesticides and taking precautions such as drying swamps, covering sewages and introducing more dragonflies that eat mosquito larvae.
September 6, 2016
Are these spray harmful to people. We were recently in Dalyan and walking by the park one evening when a lorry went past spraying into the air. We had no time to get out of the way. Just worried we could be effected
September 6, 2016
Hi Fiona,No, the smoke from the lorry is just burnet bio-diesel to push the mosquitoes elsewhere, its not pesticides. Its like car exhaust but less harmful to people and animals. Nothing to Wishes, volkan
September 7, 2016
Thank you for your prompt reply. Can't wait to come back next year

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