Volkan’s Adventures is a unique company pioneering progressive and exclusive Dalyan Tours in Dalyan, Turkey.

We specialize in ‘off the beaten track’ Dalyan tours as well as out to other parts of Turkey. We strive to ensure that all of our guests have an enjoyable and unique adventure with us and discover the beauty of Turkey.

Small groups and trips that are not on the tourists’ typical itinerary make every day a special experience. An adventure on one of our magical Dalyan tours will stay in your memory long after you have returned home.

Regardless of whether you are a first time visitor or have spent many holidays in Dalyan, our trips will be top of your list of “Things to Do in Dalyan”. We ensure a special day out away from all the tourist hustle and bustle. Discovering travel secrets that locals get to enjoy.

We are a small company that has been formed by a group of friends who are fanatical about Dalyan and Turkey and want to share their experience, all delivered in a relaxed and fun environment.

Our friendly team members have extensive knowledge of Dalyan and Turkey, are reliable and multi lingual.

Our aim is to create a different experience; something really exceptional for people who care about making a real connection with the landscape, wildlife, culture, food and the people of Turkey through our exclusive Dalyan Tours.

One of the main focuses of our business is to show people a different side to Dalyan and Turkey. We bring you closer to the Turkish culture by showing you how to enjoy it, respect and preserve it.

Well, to put it plainly, a lot! Our customer experience and enjoyment is of paramount importance to us and we welcome feedback at all times.

Following your comments and suggestions we have made major changes to our Classic Tours and we’re confident now that they are the best they have ever been. We’re proud to announce that we now own both our Dalyan and Gocek based boats which has enabled us to make fantastic rennovational adaptations to them, something which we were previously restricted in our ability to do. Our Limited Edition tours have been born from our desire to share with our guests some of the unique happenings in and around Dalyan throughout the year that you may otherwise have missed out on – not any more!

As a business, we have always believed in the importance of our relationship with the local villagers. We are passionate about providing you with a great day but also providing the local people with a sustainable income. When we visit a village house we always pay a very fair price for the privilege of being invited.

Join us on one of our unique Dalyan tours to make new friends and let us show you the hidden secrets of Dalyan and it’s surrounding areas. Once you have experienced one of our trips we’re sure you will book time and time again. Volkan’s Adventures has had many satisfied customers over the past two years (please look us up on TripAdvisor) In 2018, as our portfolio grows, we aim to make this our best year yet!

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on at Volkan’s Adventures it’s not letting people down. We hate it when guests can’t join trips they really want to for one reason or another so, after a bit of brainstorming we’ve come up with this little piece of genius

Our RSVP function is here to help if the tour you’re interested in isn’t available on the dates you are! We have received several requests from guests who would like to participate in our Limited Edition and New Tours but are not here on the selected dates we have chosen to run them, or would like to partake in one of our Private Tours but do not have enough people in their party to enable it to depart.


Why Choose Us?

Extraordinary Tours

Nothing we do is dull or ordinary. We arrange distinctive tours and stay away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

Small Groups

Small, like minded groups add to your holiday experience.

Like A Local

You will discover places only locals get to enjoy. You will tour like a local, eat like a local.

Professional Guides

You will have the unsurpassed knowledge of a local guide.

Value For Your Money

We give value for your money and your time. Every trip.

Passionate Travel

We are passionate about the culture, landscape, history, food and people of Dalyan.
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Lisinia project - burdur lavender fields - Main Image
Ultimate Adventure

Reflections of Taurus

A magnificent journey through the Taurus Mountains, the picturesque Burdur Lake, onto the Lisinia Project - a unique wildlife conservation centre, magnificent lavender, rose and sage fields culminating in a stunning sunset at Supernatural Salda Lake
15 hours
Dalyan Kingfisher Restaurant - dalyan Yalicapkini Restaurant Dalyan
New Tour '18

Yalıçapkını Dining Experience

African Queen type boat ride to the beautiful Dalyan Kingfisher Restaurant for a delicious three course evening meal with welcome and after dinner drink on board included.
5 Hours
Morchella Esculenta
Limited Edition

Morchella Esculenta

An exclusive, one time only adventure into the heart of antique cities, world famous Üzümlu Mushroom Festival and wine houses with a premier dining experience in the stunning exclusive Gocek harbour.
9 hours
Dalyan tours - road To paradise - karabörtlen breakfast - Akyaka - Akbük - 1
Limited Edition

Road to Paradise

Journey with us on the Road to Paradise as we visit the stunning towns of Akyaka and Akbük, taking in magnificent mountain top views along the way.
8 hours
Sunset Sailing from Sarsala bay to Gocek - 1
New Tour '18

Sunset Sailing from Sarsala

An afternoon into evening sailing trip showcasing the beauty of the 12 Islands in Sarsala and the surrounding secluded bays and coves with an unforgettable sunset dinner.
7 hours
Dalyan Mosque Tour - 1

Dalyan Mosque Visit

A fascinating insight in to the customs, cultures and history of what goes on behind the walls of the stunning Dalyan Mosque.
1 Hour
Tour from dalyan to Salda Lake Burdur - 1
Limited Edition

Supernatural Salda

An extraordinary tour to see the out of this world wonders that surround the stunning Salda Lake.
14 hours
SUP Yoga at Iztuzu Beach - 1
New Tour '18

Stand Up at Iztuzu Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga at Iztuzu Beach - combining sun, sea, and peace of mind in a totally unique way
8 hours
Secrets of Koycegiz - Koycegiz Beach tour - 1
New Tour '18

Secrets of Koycegiz

Explore the secret delights hidden around the town in this fabulous Koycegiz trip. Beautiful beaches, a picture perfect town, and lots of surprises along the way.
9 hours
Dalyan Jimmys Island Aerial Yoga - 1
New Tour '18

Jimmy's Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga at the secluded Jimmy's Island - a fabulous boat trip including a traditional Turkish breakfast on board and a delicious BBQ lunch
6 Hours
Gocek to Sarsala Sailing - 1
New Tour '18

Breakfast Sailing On True Love

Explore beyond the 12 Islands on a magnificent championship sailing boat for a day at sea incomparable with any others.
8 hours
All dal sailing gocek - aga limanı - 19
New Tour '18

True Love for a Day

Experience all day sailing from Göcek on on board our championship sailing boat TRUE LOVE. Sail with us far out beyond the 12 Islands for an unrivalled adventure you will never forget.
11 Hours
Dalyan Evening Wine Tasting Trip - 1
New Tour '18

Evening Wine Tasting

An evening boat trip for an unlimited wine tasting tour with unlimited wines from the Dalyan region and further afield, accompanied by perfectly matched meats, seafoods, cheeses and more.
5 Hours
After The Watershed - Dalyan Floating Bar - 1
New Tour '18

After the Watershed

Join us on the one and only exclusive floating cocktail bar in Dalyan for a spectacular evening full of fun and laughter with friends old and new.
All Ages
Sunset Supper - Evening tour to iztuzu beach - 1
New Tour '18

Sunset Supper

An evening boat trip for a magical sunset dinner at Iztuzu Beach
4 Hours

Tour Reviews

Julie and Tim

Noon to Moon Boat Trip

On 31st August we went on a noon to (full) moon Dalyan boat trip - we swam in the sea and volcanic lake (Ala Gol), dropped anchor just off turtle beach (Iztuzu Beach) which was great fun. We swam, looking
Julie and Tim

Discover Dalyan

On 2nd September we had a road trip from Dalyan in a comfortable, air conditioned minibus. The day started with us caking ourselves in mud at the blue thermal lagoon - so much nicer than the public mud baths! We
Sian Gwyn Buckler

Akkaya Valley

Volkan's Adventures are an absolute must if you ever visit Dalyan in this beautiful, very special part of Turkey. The hospitality extended to you is second to none. The prices are unbelievably reasonable, and the company fascinating but not intrusive.

Discover Dalyan

Amazing : Our first ever visit to Dalyan. We had heard via TripAdvisor that a Volkans Adventures was a must. Before travelling I had emailed Volkan to ask questions about his days out . From the very start I found
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