Update on the situation at Iztuzu Beach with DALCEV (Oruc Travel)
update on the issue at Dalyan iztuzu beach

District Governor of Ortaca has delivered the notification regarding the ownership of the Iztuzu Beach belonging to Mugla Sitki Kocman University to DALCEV (Oruc Travel)

DALCEV representatives were notified by the District Governor of Ortaca, with the court order that the management rights of the Iztuzu Beach belongs to Mugla Sitki Kocman University. As per the notification, DALCEV is given 7 days notice to leave the beach with their belongings.

Last week DALCEV (Oruc Travel) has came to Iztuzu Beach claiming the rights of management by the protocol that was signed between them and MUCEV that operates under the Governorship of Mugla. (Please read about earlier developments here) They claimed that there were no court order against the protocol that was signed in 2014 and they still have the rights to management and they wanted to start preparations for the new season. Upon this development, representatives of Mugla University had complained to authorities, demanding DALCEV to be removed from the beach and the premises, claiming that the rights to management of the beach were granted to them last year by Ministry of Environment and City Planning, which had overruled the protocol that was signed in 2014 between DALCEV and MUCEV.

As the gendarme has taken precaution at the beach, DALCEV representatives did not sign the notice that was delivered to them by the district governor of Ortaca, still claiming the rights to beach. Therefore, they were given a notice to leave the beach within 7 days.

Saving Iztuzu Beach Platform (IKUP)’s attorney Mrs. Berna Babaoglu stated that last year Ministry of Environment has signed a 3 year contract with the Mugla University, granting them the rights to management of Iztuzu Beach. She explained that Kugla University will continue on work on protection and observation of Sea Turtles at Iztuzu Beach. She reminded that DALCEV’s ruthless attempt to come to beach with work machines in the middle of the night and with the resistance of the public they were removed. She said that this time of the year is sea turtles’ mating and laying eggs season and it is curitual to keep the beach quite and dark. She reminded that DALCEV’s opposition to court rule to cancel the protocol that was made in 2014 is not legit. She explained that DALCEV may have gone to higher court to appeal to the decision, however what they are appealing to is the decision of lower authority than the Ministry of Environment. Therefore, even if the higher court decided on the behalf of DALCEV, this would only grant them the right to claim compensation from MUCEV. They will still not have the rights to the beach because the appealing they have made is not against the protocol made between Ministry of Environment and Mugla University. She added that the people’s fight to protect Iztuzu Beach will continue no matter what.

cited: Mugla DHA

In short: Oruc was granted the rights to the beach in 2014 by a lower authority MUCEV. When people resisted and ortaca municipality went to court, the court has cancelled this protocol. Than a higher authority, ministry of environment made a agreement with the University. In the mean time Oruc has appealed to court decision and went to higher court but this is only for the cancelation of agreement that was made between MUCEV and DALCEV. So even if the higher court decided that DALCEV was right in their claim, they will have right to claim compensation from MUCEV but the agreement between miinistry and university stands.


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Patricia Hughes, England.
October 11, 2016
Please, please, please leave this beautiful environmental gem to the turtles and the local people.

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