A new argument over Iztuzu Beach
Arguments over iztuzu beach

Dalyan Çevre Geliştirme Turizm İnşaat Emlak ve Otel A.Ş. (DALCEV)’s claim to have the management rights over Dalyan’s Iztuzu Beach and their attempt to put their personal belongings in one of the huts in the beach has roused a new argument.

Tuesday night, a group of people whom claim to be “The Men of DALCEV” (The organisation of Oruc Travel) came to Iztuzu Beach to put their own belongings in one of the huts and wanted to remove belongings of the Mugla University staff whom are managing the beach currently. The management of the Iztuzu Beach have reported the issue to both the mayor’s office and police and have pressed charges against the DALCEV, stating that the management right of the Iztuzu Beach Special Environment Protection Area was granted to Mugla Sitka Kocman University by the Ministry.

On the contrary, DALCEV claims that the management rights of the huts on channel side where people reach by boats were granted to them. President of DALCEV, Ramazan Oruc, said that “Management rights of boat side of the beach were granted to our company on December 29th 2014. As the tourism season started, we just came to our own facilities to take it over. There is no court order against the original right that was granted to us. There was an attempt to cancel the agreement that was made betw

een us and the ministry however courts of Mugla has overruled against this attempt. Therefore we are using our right that was granted to us.”

Ortaca District Governor Mr. Fatih Urkmezer said that they received a complain from the Mugla University against the DALCEV trespassing and forcefully trying to occupy the facilities at Iztuzu Beach. He said that all necessary reporting has been done to authorities regarding the complaint and Gendarme will be controlling the facilities to keep further attempts away and will report to authorities otherwise.

What had happened in 2014 was, the management rights were given to DALCEV by the MUCEV (Mugla Environment Protection Agency) but Ortaca Municipality opposed to this decision and went to court because the bid organised for the rights of the Iztuzu Beach was not lawful. In 2014 MUCEV opened a bid for the management rights of the Iztuzu Beach but only DALCEV was informed from the bid and overnight the management rights were given to DALCEV who was the only bidder. DALCEV and its president Ramazan Oruc is known to have close relationships with ruling political party and the government and they have used their personal relationships to make this deal. however, upon Ortaca Municipalities opposition and people’s demonstrations, court has overruled this decision and Environment and City Planning Ministry had granted the management rights of the Iztuzu beach to Mugla Sitka coachman University.

The attempts of DALCEV is considered a desperate move because they had plans of turning the beach into a money making business rather than keeping it a natural environment as it is.

We will keep you updated as more information is available regarding the court case filed up against the DALCEV and their “men”

Cited: IHA

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Viveka Alm
May 12, 2016
Terrible! It must not happend!,
Judy Neal
May 12, 2016
Thank you Volkan, I just hope everyone reads your translation/interpretation of the current situation.
May 14, 2016
So sorry to hear of further threats. It seems to be an ongoing battle, let's hope it the greedy developers don't win and this lovely area stays just as it is. Thank you Volkan for keeping us informed .

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