A Paw Per Entity Campaign in Dalyan
Dalyan Animal Shelter News

Members of DOHAKDER (Nature and Animals Protection Association) in Ortaca, Mugla have started a campaign called “A Paw Per Entity”

Mrs. Mebrure Kuzey Blom, the president of DOHAKDER, has said that “We started a this campaign with aim to save the dogs in the Dalyan Animal Shelter by integrating them to live peacefully and freely on Dalyan streets. Our intention is to complete the health check, vaccination and neutralisation of all dogs in the shelter and find businesses who would adapt them. We have spoken with business owners in Dalyan. Many of them were very positive and they adapted dogs.”

Blom said that the support they received for the campaign is pleasing and added “Today we will be returning two of the dogs to the streets they came from. We will soon complete the neutralisation and vaccination of the other dogs and give them to their new owners also. We hope to receive support and sensitivity from all citizens”

Source: HER İŞLETMEYE BİR PATİ – Muğla Haberleri – Milliyet Muğla

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