The Ministry of Environment has ordered Oruc Travel to be removed from the beach by police force immediately
Ministry decided iztuzu is Mugla University's

The argument that has been going over the Iztuzu Beach between Oruc Travel (Ramazan Oruc) and Mugla University and People of Dalyan has ended by Minstry’s order to gendarme to remove Oruc Travel from the Iztuzu Beach immediately.

Counsellor of Ministry Mr. Mustafa Ozturk has send a notice to Mugla Governors Office with the signature of Minister Mrs. Fatma Güldemet Sarı, stating that DALCEV’s invasion at the beach since 11/05/2016 is an unlawful act and they are to be removed immediately from the premises that the rights were granted to Mugla Sitka Kocman University.

Ramazan Oruc still insisted that they were granted the rights to beach and they have an order from the court but Minstry has insisted on their order and asked Mugla Governors Office to remove Ramazan Oruc and Oruc Travel from the beach immediately, by using police force if needed. Saving Iztuzu Platform’s attorney Mrs. Berna Babaoglu said that this legal order means that they will be removed without waiting the 7 days notice that was given them before by the Ortaca Governors Office and they will be removed immediately.

Ramazan Oruc said that the right were given to them when Tayyip Erdogan was prime minster and probably the counsellor of the Ministry was not informed about this so they will follow their rights in the court.

Cited: Hurriyet Daily News

P.S: Good bye Ramazan 🙂

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Melanie Holland
May 18, 2016
Hopefully this is the end of it and we can all share and enjoy the beach with it's natural habitat as it is, there is nothing wrong with the current facilities provided.
Linda McVeigh
May 18, 2016
This is excellent news!
Steve Sharples
May 18, 2016
Ban them from ever entering Iztuzu beach and jail them if they do. Oruc`s reputation for being less than honest is well known by locals and regular visitors to Dalyan
Judy Neal
May 18, 2016
:yahoo: So pleased to read this news! Almost everyone I speak to wants Iztuzu Beach to stay unspoiled and natural, with just the minimum facilities as at present. Of course the Turtles are the ones with no voices who are the most important beach users, and I am sure that if they could speak they would be cheering too!
D Maddison
May 19, 2016
This is an unspoilt area why do people thing they are above the law the beech should stay as it is unspoilt and prestige to Dalyan. Captain June should be commended for all her hard work and for keeping the beech in its natural entirety keep up the good work.
henk de wid
May 19, 2016
this is good news, for this unspoilt area, an dalyan in general,
Pam Smith
May 19, 2016
Totally agree with all the other comments. Greed and underhand tactics have no place on this beautiful, unspoilt beach.
Janice Hoggarth
May 25, 2016
We've just returned from Dalyan. The beach is fabulous just as it is and the facilities are just right. Keep commercial interests off the beach, love the turtles.
Pam Smith
May 27, 2016
What's happening now Volkan? Seems to be an ongoing situation in spite of the Ministry's declarations.

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