Nestled along the southwestern coast of Turkey, Dalyan is a hidden gem offering unparalleled natural beauty, rich history, and serene landscapes. One of the best ways to explore this enchanting region is through Dalyan boat trips, which provide an immersive experience into its diverse attractions. From ancient ruins to pristine beaches, Dalyan’s waterways reveal a

Leaving a backwash of white foam behind it, the boat you will get on at the Köycegiz quay will take you on a trip on an extraordinary lake with delightful resting points. The second largest lake of the Aegean Region after Bafa with its surface of 5500 hectares, the Köycegiz Lake is situated in a depression that was a lagoon in old times. The mountainous terrain surrounding the lake that has alluvial plains to its northeast and southwest has a steep profile cleaved by deep valleys.

Looking from the thick shadows of eucalyptus and palm trees to the serene shores of the Köycegiz Lake, you find yourself amidst to the sweetest of dreams… The wish to be one with this magnificent nature, to explore every corner of it engulfs you. The prettiest trip one can take is the boat trip to the Dalyan River that passes the Köycegiz Lake and connects to the sea or to the labyrinthine waterways of the delta and to the silken sand of the Iztuzu beach washed with the waves of the Mediterranean.

The Köycegiz district, stretching at the side of the glittering green water of the Köycegiz Lake like an island of pack, is surrounded by the Mediterranean pack of the Western Taurus mountains to its north. The Olemez Mountain which is an extension of the Cankurtaran Mountain, the Kızlan mountain forming the last peaks of the Sandraz Mountains in the north and the Pandaluz Mountain to the northeast create a magnificent scene with these thick woodlands.