Patara is Turkey’s longest beach. You can stroll along this sandy beach for a whopping 12km enjoying the lovely dunes as a backdrop. (Yes, we’ve measured it on Google Maps!) Patara beach is a delight for people who like walking or horseriding on the shore and for sunbathers and swimmers on the lookout for a natural beach, without the crowds, even in high season.

You would think that this alone would be reason enough to visit Patara, but that’s not doing justice to the ancient city you cross to reach the beach. In fact, that is where Patara beach got its name, from Patara ancient city.


This phrase fits Patara like a glove. In all honesty, it is hard to tell which is the most impressive, the unspoiled beach, or the ruins adjacent to it. There is a good reason this beach is so pristine: it is a protected area. Twice! The whole beach is protected because of the resident (and protected) Loggerhead Turtles, and also because it is a category one archeological site.

Furthermore, the village behind Patara beach, Gelemiş, has not caught the eye of any tour operators yet. The whole atmosphere is low key, with local and family-run businesses offering charming places to stay and locally produced food. The only human-made thing you will find on the beach is a small wooden cafe, run by the Belediye (local government). Apart from that, you’re all set for 12km of untouched beach.

Patara Beach In All Its Glory

Patara Beach In All Its Glory

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