Muğla’s hidden tourism paradise: Sığla Forests
How Liquidambar Oil Extracted

Muğla’s declared “Strictly Protected Sensitive Area” Sığla Forests, impresses domestic and foreign tourists every summer in terms of cultural tourism.

The decision has been made to register and declare the sığla forests within the natural SIT area in the Ortaca and Dalaman districts of Muğla as a ‘Definitely protected sensitive area’. The oil extracted from the world-famous sığla trees, which is sold at approximately one thousand liras per kilogram (100 gbp at the time), is used for stomach ulcers and in the cosmetics industry.

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How Liquidambar Oil Extracted in Sığla Forrests


The decision of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, published in the Official Gazette, has determined that the sığla forests within the boundaries of the Köyceğiz, Ortaca, and Dalaman districts will be registered and declared as a ‘definitely protected sensitive area’. Sığla tree forests are remembered as a fascinating place for domestic and foreign tourists in terms of cultural tourism during the summer months. On the other hand, the oil obtained from the sığla tree, scientifically known as ‘Liquidambar Orientalis’, which was first ‘roasted’ and then ‘tearfully’ extracted, is known for its use in the cosmetic industry as well as its effectiveness against antiseptics and parasites. It is said to be very effective against stomach ulcers and is also believed to be beneficial for psoriasis.


Sığla (Liquidambar) aka Turkish Sweet-gum Forrest


The oil of the storax tree, which grows abundantly in Köyceğiz, Dalaman Ortaca, Marmaris, and Fethiye in Turkey, as well as on the island of Rhodes and in China, is used in the production of world-famous branded perfumes and deodorants. Tevfik Tayfun Tuncay, the President of the Dalaman District Chamber of Agriculture, said, “We are delighted that the storax forests in our region are being protected. We are ready to fulfill our responsibilities in this regard. We are very fortunate as the people of this region. In addition to its forest qualities, the oil is also used in the medical field. Let’s take care of our storax forests.”


The first process for the plane tree, which only grows in wetlands and has shallow roots that do not go deep, is to open a wound by removing the bark in the cambium layer. This process is called “scorching”. After waiting for20-30 days depending on the temperature, the area where the bark is removed is re-wounded, called “sur”, and after15-20 days, the tree starts to release resin balsam from this new spot. This flowing resin is scraped off with a tool called a special spoon through a scraping process. The scraped resin layer, called “margun”, is collected in a bag worn around the waist and is boiled in large cauldrons and then squeezed in presses to obtain the oil. The accumulated oils in the storage are sent to factories for special processing and complete separation of the oil. After waiting for two years, the tree can be harvested for oil again.
How Liquidambar Oil Extracted and used


The taste of liquidambar oil resembles pine resin. Therefore, it is very difficult to swallow it directly. It is recommended to take a small amount of oil, starting from 40 grams and ranging up to 200 grams, with the tip of a spoon the size of a pea, dip it in previously crushed chickpea powder, swallow it, and also eat a small amount of especially pine honey on top.

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