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Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey: ayvalik

Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey

There are many Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey that are interesting to visit and many activities to do in Turkey. Enjoying the sandy blue flag beaches and the clear seas, visiting various interesting landscapes, seeing the historical Ottoman mosques and traveling back in time in the world of ancient civilizations are all in your list of options. Here, we will present a list of the most popular places in Turkey to help you decide where to go and what to do.


Istanbul or the ancient city of Constantinople, spells splendor, magnificence and grandeur among all of the Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey. Made famous by crusaders, this ancient city is at present Turkey’s cultural heart and erstwhile capital. Surrounded by the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, this important port city is positioned on both Europe and Asia. The important body of water dividing Istanbul into two is the Bosphorus, which is also the only alternative to reach the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This strategic position maintains Istanbul`s importance on the world map.

There is much, which remains to be discovered in Istanbul and you cannot fully know it until you become a part of it, mingle with its crowds and get lost in its tortuous streets. Discover its history, its culture, its civilization and its treasures, and take home a horde of intoxicating memories to cherish. And maybe someday when you return you can relive them again.

Founded as a small settlement known as Semista in about 1000B.C., Istanbul grew from a fishing village to a city called Byzantium in 657 B.C. The city was established by a Greek colonist named Byzas.

In 324 A.D. when the Roman Emperor Constantine claimed the throne, he reconstructed the city of Byzantium and named it Constantinople. He made this city the capital of his kingdom, which was called the Byzantium Empire.

The Byzantium Empire however fell to the conquering Ottoman Mehmet II in 1453 and saw a flourishing period until the 19th century. Soon after in the 20th century, following the World War I, Istanbul lost its position as the capital of Turkey to Ankara. However, it continues to hold its ground today by being the business and cultural center of Turkey apart from being its largest port and city.

April to June (Spring) and September to October (Autumn) are the best times to visit Istanbul. You are greeted with a mild temperature and slight humidity. Avoid summer and winter for the former is very crowded and the latter usually sees a consistent rainfall.

Amongst the famous museums and Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey make a point to visit the Adam Mickiewicz Museum and Istanbul Archaeological Museums. The former was the abode of the Polish freedom poet before his death and has many important documents and information about his life and work. The latter are stuffed with Hittite works of art and Roman tombs.



Alanya is the liveliest summer vacation destination and one of most popular vacation spots in Turkey. Alanya is credited to be a perfect travel destination due to theversatile range of pleasures it can offer to tourists. Starting from smiting natural beauty, rich historical charm, modern facilities to loads of adventure – you name it; Alanya has it. The place teems with a gay atmosphere, jolly crowds buzzing around in beaches, streets, shops and hotels.

Alanya will prove to be an ideal choice for your summer travel. You will be welcomed by mesmerizing Mediterranean landscapes, magnificent Turkish traditions and historical wealth. A great promontory juts out to the sea dividing the beaches of Alanya into two neat parts. The Eastern beach and the Cleopatra beach are the precise places to laze around in luxurious sunshine enjoying the sea.

The beaches are alive with vacationers holidaying all day long. Alanya also hosts the International Folklore Festival in August and you will find a general ambience of merriment in those times. Going around Alanya is easy with widely available public buses and taxis as its one of the most popular holiday spots in Turkey.

Alanya is an exotic place and perfect for your summer tour. It promises you good food, a nice tan, a fabulous holiday and much more. Alanya has a long list of tourist attractions to its credit. The place abounds in natural beauty and historical wealth. The city is full of Roman structures and Byzantine churches with intricate frescoes on them.

Alanya is adorned by a 14th century citadel, which leads down to intriguing sea caves and grottoes. The Damlatus is a hot tourist destination. The caves are formed of curious shapes, stalactites and stalagmites with a unique humid atmosphere.

Alaeddin Keykubat built the renowned Alanya fortress in 1229. It houses the palace, churches, the huge lantern, Seljuk baths and cisterns. The Red Tower is the most prominent symbol of the magnificent city of Alanya. This octagonal prism is 35 m high and built with red stones. It was originally used to guard the dock and has many historical remnants in it. The dockyard of Alanya is also of historical significance.

The harbor of Alanya is a jovial place with little boats and many restaurants. You can take boat trips to the famous Fosforlu Magarasi (Phosphorescent Cave), Apiklar Madarasi (Lovers` cave) and Korsanlar Madarasi (Pirates` Cave). Apart from the Alanya Museum which house representations from the various cultures of ancient Turkey, the Seljuk ruins are just 5 km away.

Aytap, Syedra and Alanya Incekum are other places of interest close to Alana. You can travel to these spots to enjoy ancient historic ruins, the inns of Serapsu and Alara, the fortress and many other remnants of erstwhile civilizations. The Dim River valley is also a spot of exquisite natural beauty.

Needless to say, a place as vibrant as Alanya abounds in various activities that lure all travel freaks. Your summer travel will be enhanced manifold by the several sporting opportunities that Alanya has to offer. You can go biking around the countryside, or more adventurously to the Taurus Mountains with their stunning views. You can find a wealth of mysterious beauty under the seawaters and caves of Alanya. Experience the true pleasures of sea diving in the waters of Alanya.”



The Antalya region of Turkey could well be the most deserving choice for your summer vacation travel plans as its among the popular vacation places in Turkey. Treat yourself with a vacation in the lands of unparalleled beauty, historical charm and cultural richness.

Antalya offers you a typically Mediterranean flavor in its climate, landscape and over all atmosphere. You can experience the best of both Mediterranean beauty and Turkish diversity in your vacation to Antalya. The place is justly called the Turkish Riviera due to its natural and archeological wealth.

Antalya is a comprehensive tourist destination. With its versatile attractions it can surely be a memorable summer travel option. It is well connected to the rest of Turkey and can be reached by sea via ferryboat services. Antalya also has an international airport with flights to several major cities.

The Antalya region has been a cause of attraction to different civilizations from the ancient past. It has been famed as the “Heaven on earth” from as long back as the 1st century BC. This naturally elegant place was only bettered by consecutive arrivals of different races. The natural wealth of Antalya was augmented by rich cultural and historical attributes. It covered Pamphylia or “the land of all tribes”.

The multifaceted history of Antalya begins with the advent of the Pergamum King Attalus, who reached the place in search of an earthly paradise. The Romans who lent their own touch to the city followed him. The Byzantines, Seljuk Turks and Ottomans all flourished in this ancient city and enriched it.

The most popular spot of Antalya is its exquisite natural beauty. Antalya gives you the best of Mediterranean climate with long summers, pleasant winters and lots of sunshine. So enjoy your summer travel to the fullest at this perfect holiday destination. The natural elegance of Antalya is well complemented by its plenteous historic past.

The City Walls and the Hadrian Gate are historical remnants of the rich Roman style and are among the popular spots to visit in Antalya. These structures are hot favorites of tourists. Kaleici is the heart of Antalya and has been the nerve centre of the city from its historic past. Consequently, it`s a showcase of its vibrant archeological wealth. The spot has also been restored recently to fit in modern hotels, malls, restaurants and entertainment joints. The renovations bagged the biggest prize in tourism. So why not spend that vacation in the best destination.

The Antalya Museum is one of the most renowned archeological museums of the world. Other spots of interest are the Kesik Minaret of the Byzantine era, the Yivli Minaret of the Seljuks, the Karatay Medresesi, Hidirilk Tower, Ahi Yusuf Mescidi, Iskele Mosque, Murat Pasa Mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque and Balibey Mosque. There are many Hans or inns in the typical Seljuk and Ottoman fashion.

Antalya also forms a pivotal junction for your travel to other spots of interest in Turkey. The popular options are the historically rich locations of Termessos, Perge, Sillyon, Aspendos, Pamukkale and Cappadocia.



Ayvalik`s charm and tranquility has made this quiet Aegean Sea resort a popular vacation spot in Turkey. You may really double up you summer travel enjoyment in Turkey the moment you land in Ayvalik and savor its natural quietness.

Ayvalik gives you a complete holiday package and is a great destination perfect for a rejuvenating getaway.

Ayvalik`s unique sandy beaches and architectural marvels make it one of the sweetest towns in Balikesir. Lots of churches and monasteries in this historical settlement add to tourists` delight.

The main attractions at Ayvalik are:

Sarimsakli: A white sandy beach resort, 8km from Ayvalik, ideal for beach lovers.

Seytan Sofrasi (Devil`s Table): A hill, which offers a grand view of Ayvalik and its bay with countless islands from its top.

The Alibey or Cunda island: Reach there by Dolmus or by boat in the summer (recommended). Walk around to visit some monasteries and witness the beauty of sunset.

Unlike the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea is quiet and so Ayvalik may be chosen for summer travel. Just stroll around the town and savor the charm of lovely old houses lining the back streets. The life around is quiet and peaceful.

The town`s busiest area is the harbor where fishing boats and sightseeing ships are anchored. Along the harbor are many sea facing cafes and terrace restaurants, which are thronged by Greek shoppers and locals.



Situated 30 kilometers away from the Antalya province and midway between Antalya and Side, Belek makes a quaint holiday destination. The ancient and the modern co-exist here to give Belek a unique flavor. A blend of historical sites, sun kissed beaches and world-class golf courses together with a salubrious climate make Belek attractive to the young and the old alike. Added to this is a wide range of luxury hotels to make the stay exciting and comfortable. Furthermore, a host of friendly Turkish people makes Belek undoubtedly warm and charming popular vacation spot in Turkey

Belek has been developed as a holiday destination for tourists of varied interests. With its natural beauty of the sea and the mountains, its carefully planned golf courses and its rich history, it has something for everybody. So pack your bags and head for this exotic place where the past and the present have amalgamated to give you a dream holiday.

The history of Belek dates back to 4th Century B.C. Over the ages, it has come under Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine as well as Seljuk influence, which has impacted the sculptural and architectural dimensions of the place. When King Attalos II handed the territory over to the Romans in 133BC, the Roman influence became predominant and found expression in the architecture of large buildings, stadium, gymnasium, turrets, mosques and many theatres that were built during this period.

If you are a globetrotter with a thirst for history and archeology, the Aspendos Theatre would perhaps be the chief attraction in Belek. Built by the architect Zenon in the 2nd Century, it is the best-preserved ancient theatre till date. With a seating capacity of 20000 it remains a fine example of skills in engineering and architecture that existed even then. The galleries, stage decorations and acoustics make it an architectural marvel worth visiting. So well preserved that even today concerts and recitals are held at the Aspendos Theatre during the summer months.

While in Belek you can also visit the City Walls and the Hadrian Gate, which are historical remnants of the rich Roman style. The Antalya museum is a famous archeological museum, which should also be of interest to every visitor. Apart from this, there are the numerous mosques and minarets dotting Antalya, some belonging to the Byzantine era and others having been built by the Seljuks.

One of the main attractions of Belek is its six superb golf courses. Belek has been particularly developed as an attractive golfing holiday destination. It is one of Turkey`s premier golf centers with a world-class 18-hole golf course where both the novice and the expert can hone their skills. The golf clubs are paired into two groups within ten minutes driving distance of each other. Most of the hotels and golfing resorts are located in between adding to the tourists` convenience.

Besides golfing, Belek also provides you the opportunity for a wide range of adventure sports like wind surfing, water skiing, sailing, rafting, mountain climbing, and hunting. So if you are a sports enthusiast Belek is just the place for you in Turkey.

If you have a lazy relaxed vacation in mind then head for the seemingly endless white beaches in Belek. The numerous beach resorts with its view of the pine forests in the background, the river flowing into the fields from the Taurus Mountains is balm for the weary mind and body. The water is calm, so children can play safely while you spend the day sunbathing or swimming.

One main advantage of a visit to Belek is that it is ideally located to make short trips to other places of interest in Antalya while staying here.

From Belek, one can visit Perge, which is 18 kilometers from Antalya. St. Paul is said to have preached some of his first sermons here. Once again the architecture, gymnasium, the public baths form the main attraction. You may also sample some typical Turkish cuisine and enjoy an open-air disco in the evening.

The Koprulu National Park is a day`s trip from Belek. The breathtaking scenic beauty on the winding mountain route takes you by surprise at every turn. Some other places worth visiting are the Manavgat Falls where milky white foaming water rushes over the rocks, and Burdur, the Roman city of Termossa that was founded by Alexander high up in the mountains.



It is surprising how places which once wielded such power and influence in World history has been forgotten only to be discovered later on as a hot travel destination. One such place is the beautiful seaside resort of Bodrum (Turkey) in the Aegean Sea. Ideal for your summer vacation its claim to fame is its being Herodotus` birthplace, the famous Greek Historian and the location of King Mausolus` Tomb, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. However, if history is not your forte, the simple beauty of the Bodrum countryside will surely conquer your heart. Summer travel will never be the same again with Bodrum`s inimitable art, enchanting music and multifaceted culture.

Bodrum is a perfect blend of the historical and the modern. A treasure house in its own right, on visiting Bodrum if nothing else you could at least ensure that you go down in history.

The main attractions of Bodrum lie in its rich historical bounty, you might lose yourself in its mysterious alleys and streets all narrating a tale of its own. A few of them are:

The famous Mausoleum that has been overlooking Bodrum (earlier known as Halicarnassus) for nearly 16 centuries. Only in 1304 AD did the magnificent, and architecturally beautiful structure perish due to an earthquake.

The medieval castle of St. Peter stands in the harbor of Bodrum as an exceptional instance of crusader architecture.

The Bodrum Cup Race is a main draw for tourists every year in October where traditional yachts known as “gulette” compete with each other.



A fertile region between the two volcanoes – Hasan Dagi and Erciyes Dagi, lies the region of Cappadocia. Known as Cappadocia in the ancient times, at present it is informally called the Kapadokya. The town lies to the east of Konya, and is surrounded by the Nigde in the south, Kirsehir in the north, Kayseri to the east and Aksaray to the west.

There is a mention of Cappadocia as a large and important Roman province in the Bible`s New Testament. However, this Central Anatolian region has been important since Hittite times, long before the time of Jesus.

Cappadocia is the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations of our world and the birthplace of many mysteries and legends, almost as if it is not real. Any travel lover would surely love to explore this fantastic place.

The Cappadocians have an exotic and varied lineage to boast of and claim an ancestry from almost all of the powerful tribes of Asia and Europe. They vary right from Assyrians, Ancient Anatolian tribes, Hittites, Turkic tribes from Central Asia, Phrygians, Slavs, Persians, Syrians, Arabs, Kurds, Romans and Western Europeans, Armenians, Greeks to Mongols.

The tourist spots in Cappadocia are almost unlimited and each of them is equally important. A major crowd puller to Cappadocia is its “Underground cities”, there are thirty-six of them that has been discovered so far. These shelters were temporary rather than permanent places to stay and the main two are at Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. Amongst debating archaeologists, these caves have been dated to about 1200 BC. The cave dwellings show remarkable architectural sense and planning.

The rock cut churches and monasteries were developed by the Christians from the cave dwellings and they are also situated deep underground. These excavations have reached down to about 85 meters, or until the water level has been reached, and are marked with efficient ventilation systems. There are many settlements in Cappadocia that were established primarily as ascetic communities following the rules mentioned by Bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in the 4th century, St. Basil the Great.

Goreme Valley is famous for its churches and these churches followed the rules laid down by St. Basil the Great. In fact it was under his guidance that the first churches of Goreme Valley were built. Presently the Goreme Valley with its numerous small communities having their own churches forming large monastic complex serves the purpose of the Open Air Museum.

The most striking monastery in Cappadocia is the Eskigumus Monastery, its main church is roomy and well ventilated, but the main point of interest lies in its well-preserved frescoes that are considered the best representative of Byzantine art in all of Cappadocia.



Few countries can boast of the lure of a place that is a natural combination of healing mineral springs, pristine beaches, and azure waters with green fields in the backdrop. Cesme, a unique village located on the Aegean coast, 80 kms. west of Izmir, is one such Turkish destination well known for its abundant healing springs and thermal waters. This quaint village has now evolved into a popular summer holiday destination, especially for surfers. Despite the influx of tourists and the buzz of touristy activity, Cesme has been able to preserve its old world charm and Turkish individuality.

Dominated by a 16th century Genoese fortress, the town is also known for its sun-kissed shores, vast aniseed fields, windmills, remains of numerous 18th century springs and the indigenous mastic gum trees of the peninsula.

Cesme, the port of Erythrai, was known as Cyssus in Ancient Times. Historically Cesme was both an important sea port and the home to famous wine producers of the Aegean region. The city developed its trade by establishing relations with Egypt, Cyprus and Western countries. Today Cesme counts a population of 65000 plus 250000 seasonal migrant workers during the wine harvest period.

The bus system between Cesme and Izmir – Turkey`s third largest city is convenient and well organized with buses plying every 15 minutes from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. There are Turkish as well as Greek boats that provide passenger service to tourists traveling to and from the Greek Island of Chios. Ferryboats traveling between Izmir-Cesme-Kusadasi-Greece and Italy pass through Cesme as well.

The region of Cesme has a typical Mediterranean climate and is a wonderful destination all year round. Although the summer months are from April to October, the area is blessed with the cooling Imbat breeze, which blows off the Aegean Sea, so even the hottest months of July and August are really quite pleasant.



Fethiye is an ancient Turkish city originally known as Telmessos. Today, it is one of the most favorite tourist spots in Turkey. Fethiye is situated 135 km southwest of Marmaris. The place is a mesmerizing congregation of seaside views, sporting events and luxurious accommodation options. It is hardly surprising that Fethiye is one of the most sought after travel spots in Turkey. Tourists will find in Fethiye all that they need for a truly exciting summer trip.

Fethiye also offers a peek into the historical past of Turkey, richly laden with its traditional art and architecture. No wonder tourists from all over the world flock to this travel destination to spend their vacation.

Visit Fethiye with your friends and family for an invigorating experience and many warm memories to take back.

The real wealth of Fethiye as a summer travel haven is its scenic charm. The sea, mountains and islands come together in an awesome magnificence. The natural vistas of Fethiye alone can lend a special meaning to your summer travel. The sea is a stunning sight at the Sovalye Island and the prominent beaches of Fethiye. The most popular natural attractions include Belcegiz, Oludeniz, Kidril Park, Gemiler Islands, Koturumsu, Katranci Bay, Gunluk, Ouyktepe, Gocek and Patara beach among the Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey

The Oludeniz or Blue Lagoon is a stunning expanse of shimmering blue water and definitely among the Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey. Even while you satiate your eyes, the calm waters can serve as a platform for a variety of water activities to spice up your travel. The Patara beach is also a spot of incomparable beauty with its white sand beaches and curious sand dunes. The many beaches and bays of Fethiye are ideal for picnicking and camping.

Fethiye is also a treasure trove of historical remnants. You can find interesting glimpses into the ancient Lycian culture and in the remains found in and around Fethiye. So add a touch of historical exploration to your summer vacation.

Perhaps the biggest crowd puller of the place is the Lycian rock tombs carved out intricately from natural rocks. The Amnytas tomb is sculpted in the typical Doric style. There is also a fortress in the city built by the Knights of Rhodes.

Other historical spots of interest that lure travel freaks are the Sarcopaghi and the Fethiye Tower. The Xanthos and Letoon cities lie close to Fethiye. These are important representatives of the ancient Lycian cult.

Fethiye also houses the museum, which exhibits ceramics, sculptures, silver jewellery and handicrafts. The Telmessos Antique Theatre also attracts tourists in large numbers. It was built as an arena by the Romans in 2000 AD.”



There are not many places in the world where history and nature blend to such an admirable extent like Finike. Situated in the Antalya Province of Turkey, Mediterranean aspect of Finike is undeniably breathtaking. With miles of golden sandy beaches running along the coast up to Kumluca, this area is a perfect vacationing place and a great weekend getaway. However, there are other options like greenhouses and orange plantations that dot Finike where you can spend your leisure time exploring.

Finike is a great place to visit and is among the Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey. So, pack your bags and head to this amazing place where history and nature amalgamate to provide an excellent assorted adventure.

Finike was originally named Phoinikos and was situated at the entrance of Aykiri (Arykandos) Brook. Established in the 5th century B.C. the name Finike is supposedly derived from the Phoenicians who used the region as a viable commercial hub. In fact Limyra, the capital city of the region, acted as the harbor, for exporting its farm goods.

Finike is a treasure house of tourist attractions and especially for those who are archaeologically inclined.

The Arykanda (Arif) for example is a ruined Lycian city that speaks of many untold stories yet to be discovered. Situated in the middle of the Elmali-Finike highway on the Toros Mountains the native name Arykanda proves its antiquity. Amongst the many attractions in Arykanda the structures that stand to this day are the state Agora, an Odeon, a cathedral, a few baths, a stadium with three tiers and a small theater. You will also find Lycian type sarcophagi scattered all over.

The water arches on the surface of the rocks at the foundation of Aykiri Brook is one of the most attractive features of the city.

Limyra, an ancient city situated among greenhouses was known as Zemu (ri) in Lycian language and has been in existence since the 5th century B.C. Pericles used this city as his headquarters while establishing the Lycian alliance. Limyra first gained importance at the beginning of the 6th century. You will find many theatres, a church, heroon, the Xatabura tomb and important works of art all in the most intact form.

Another place of interest is the undersea city near the island of Kekova, which you can by hiring a boat. The place is situated in a spectacular oceanic location with islands scattered all around. This undersea city had been devastated by an earthquake centuries ago but amazingly, the Lycian tombs present here remained in a very good condition. The Lycians were an ancient civilization as old as the Hitites and the Egyptians, so you can imagine its importance as a source of information.

The Myra Theater is an ancient and huge Roman theater in Finike, which offers a great view from the top. The structure is almost 150m in diameter and has 38 rows of sculptures and inscriptions. Needless to say there is a stage in the theater and its size is really to be marveled at.

If the dead really fascinate you then you could visit the Ancient Graves situated near the Roman theater. These are ancients Fenecian graves that are almost 2000 years old. The specialty of these graves is that unlike normal graves, they are situated in the mountain slopes. From a distance, they appear like dwelling caves. Unfortunately, however the graves have been looted of all its possessions so you get to see only the tombs.



Ideal for a leisurely holiday by the sea, Gocek is situated at the head of the bay in the Gulf of Fethiye in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Lying in the foothills of pine-clad mountains, overlooking the 12 islands, Gocek makes a picture-perfect seaside resort. Gocek is one of the largest natural harbors has recently grown into a great yachting harbor.

Gocek has fast developed into a tourist destination. It is said to have the best seascape after the Indian Ocean and is enchanting in its beauty. If you wish to spend a relaxed vacation amidst the sea and the forests, you must visit this magical seacoast of Turkey.



The Turkish resort town of Icmeler is located approximately 8 kms. outside Marmaris, one of Turkey`s most Popular Vacation Spots. The flat, sloping beach ensconced in a cove against a backdrop of pine-covered highlands is what attracts tourists to this sun-drenched destination. The winding promenade that stretches from here till Marmaris is studded with plush hotels, apartments and budget hotels for your comfort; and fashion shops, bars, restaurant and discotheques for your entertainment and pleasure.

So, do make sure you fit in a few idyllic days at Icmeler into your itinerary, to help you unwind and get away from the stresses of everyday life.

There is plenty to do in and around Icmeler. If you are the kind who loves the sun and the surf, you couldn`t be happier, as the beach is one of the most sought after stretches in the world for its golden sand and shimmering waters. For those with a thirst for sightseeing, Icmeler is a mere 8 kilometers from Marmaris, and most tourist hot spots in and around Marmaris are easily accessible from this vacation spot.

Constructed by the Ionians, the Marmaris Castle is 8 km from Icmeler and is now a museum which houses the most amazing collection of archaeological, historical, ethnographic and nautical exhibits.

Take some time off and drive leisurely out of town, to drink in the natural beauty of the surroundings and catch a glimpse of the remnants of an ancient civilization.

With its picture-postcard beauty and clusters of Ottoman style wooden houses, Gökova, North of Marmaris, is a well known stopover for yachts that navigate the straits.

The truly intrepid would find the trek from Içmeler to Degirmenyani, about 19km westwards, a thrilling experience.

Further south is situated the village of Turunç, another popular stop on the yachting circuit, that offers modern comforts and amenities laced with traditional hospitality.

A visit to the Olive Farm, also known as Guller Dagi Ciftligi, or the Mountain of Roses Farm, 5 minutes east of Datça, is an enriching educational and culinary experience. The olive oil here is produced with the highest quality standards, and it is worth carrying a bottle back with you.

Cruise down the snaking road southwest to Selimiye and you will feel you have transcended into a bygone era. Wrap up an intoxicating day on Siliman Beach with a glorious sunset, local food and wine, as part of your sojourn in Turkey.

Enjoy the enthralling experience of walking on water, as it were, at the beach of Kizkumu in Orhaniye, just beyond Hisarönü, where a lengthy sand bar extends 800m into the bay.

A foray to the waterfall near Turgut village makes for exciting adventure.

For the quintessential water baby, the long curved beach is perfect for swimming, water-skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and dingy rides. You can dive into the azure waters and come face to face with the amazing marine life that lives under the ocean. For those who are unsure of their diving skills, there is a diving school as well as local experts who offer diving classes. For peace and tranquility, embark on a unique sailing trip on a traditional Turkish gulet.

Make sure you visit the Icmeler weekly market on Wednesdays to mingle with the local Turkish population and shop for clothes and souvenirs. Marmaris, just 8 kilometers away is a shopper`s paradise with its 200 odd shops, open 7 days a week.



Nestling in the waters of the Mediterranean, just off the coast of Myra/Demre is the heavenly region named Kekova. It is actually an island or rather a group of thinly populated fishing islands dotting the Mediterranean. A place famous for its under water ruins, Kekova is a fascinating place where history and nature combine to give you the most out of this world experience.

A visit to Kekova brings back the romance of the past against a backdrop of the sea. The unspoiled landscape, the magical under water ruins, the warm Mediterranean sun and all the adventure that goes with it will give you the most memorable holiday ever. You cannot give this paradise on earth a miss!



Being adorned with beautiful serene bays, acres of lush green forest and series of hills, Marmaris is one of the best and biggest Popular Vacation Spots in Turkey. Marmaris is located in the Mugla province, which lies in the southwest of Turkey. The city is one of the best choices, if you are planning to unwind and relax during this summer vacation.

A perfect travel plan for your summer and an enjoyable companion is all you need to have a great time in Marmaris.

Excerpt From: Lauren Vincent. “Turkey: The Ultimate Travel Guide.” Apple Books.


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