8 hours
All Ages
Special Diets

Discover Dalyan

Discover Dalyan is a trip that will reveal some of the riches that are found bordering Dalyan. Dalyan is surrounded by a mosaic of different cultures and charms. Many of these remain undiscovered by tourists. Even if you have visited Dalyan many times there are still places that you may have missed – Fevziye Village, Asi bay, the village of Kışla, and Radar Mountain for example.

The Blue Thermal Lagoon, a natural hot spring of brilliant turquoise. The tiny Alevi village of Fevziye, where you can experience a warm welcome and local culture. A visit to the tiny village of Kışla where you will sample traditional food. Asi Bay, hidden down a country lane that travels through Eucalyptus forests and past old cemeteries. Finally the stunning Radar Mountain, that will reward you with a breathtaking view of the Dalyan Delta, Lake Sulungur and the Dalyan River. This is an amazing opportunity to discover true Turkish culture which is very different from many a myth you may have heard, sample traditional meals with local families and discover the hidden gems surrounding Dalyan.

Blue Thermal Lagoon

You will be picked up from your accommodation and our first stop will be the Blue Thermal Lagoon. The thermal Lagoon is a natural running sulphur pool. Set on a family run farm near Sarigerme, a short drive through the scenic mountain roads, from Dalyan.

As we reach the farm we drive through the fields. The family will teach us how to chose the ripest, juiciest fruit, which we will then pick and eat. Depending on the month there will be melons, watermelons, grapes, oranges and plums. After eating our fruit and enjoying a drink we will then walk to the Blue Thermal Lagoon. The water is lukewarm and a beautiful turquoise colour and said to help numerous health and skin ailments.

Fevziye – Alevi Village

After swimming and relaxing at the lagoon, we will drive to the small village of Fevziye. We will visit a local Turkish home for lunch. This is a great opportunity to learn about Alevi culture see how Turkish meals are prepared whilst sampling their close family lifestyle. Experience Turkish hospitality at its very best by enjoying a delicious lunch which consists of a variety of fresh and home cooked Turkish food.

Aşı Beach

After lunch we will visit Asi Bay. The drive will take us through beautiful hidden roads and the famous liquid-amber and pine forests. Asi Bay is a small, quiet volcanic beach which is a well kept secret. Here we will cool off in the Aegean waters or relax on the beach, do a zip-wire across the the bay with stunning views or take out a canoe or kayak out to explore nearby hidden coves.

Radar Mountain

Our Next stop on our discover Dalyan tour will be Radar Mountain where you can see the best views of Dalyan. You will be able to see the whole of the delta, from Iztuzu beach and Sulungur Lake all the way to Koycegiz Lake. There is nowhere else that offers such incredible views. We will have great fun trying to pick out the local landmarks of Dalyan. It will truly take your breath away, a photographer’s paradise and a must for anyone visiting Dalyan. Make sure you bring your camera with you!

Tiny Village of Kışla: The Spiritual Home of Volkan’s Adventures

This tour is about what makes Dalyan beautiful and shows you why we all chose to make it our home. Nowhere does that more than our last stop of the day . You will be our guest in the beautiful village of Kisla near Gokbel. This is also Volkans home and gives him the peace and solitude he needs and you will see why. Moreover he wants to share this beautiful place with you. Here you will find a warm welcome at his home. You  can sit and enjoy the stunning views of Kargicak bay, you can sample some delicious authentic delights.

After our enjoyable day discovering surooundings of Dalyan, we will take the 20 min journey arriving back in Dalyan between 5.00-5.30pm

Notes and highlights of Discover Dalyan tour:

  • Swim in the highly therapeutic waters of blue thermal lagoon.
  • Enjoy a traditional Turkish meal cooked by a Turkish family who invite us into their home
  • Cool off at the stunning Aşı Beach.
  • Stop at Radar Mountain for a view that will take your breath away.
  • Sample authentic delicious delights whilst admiring the most stunning view over the Kargicak bay
  • A trip that not only allows you to relax and enjoy the beautiful Turkish scenery, but also shows our guests a taste of the Turkish way of life and culture.

* %50 discount for children under the age of 12
** Children under the age of 4 are free of charge. 

 *** A minimum of 8 guests are required for this tour to operate , if we have to cancel then you will be offered alternative day/tour or full refund.

Things To Know

TOUR MAX18 people
DEPARTURE TIMECollection between 9am and 9.30am
RETURN TIMEApproximately 5:00 PM.
Sunscreen Lotion,
Sun glasses,
Binoculars (optional)
Volkans Adventures Host
Welcome drink and fresh fruits
Entrance fee to blue lagoon
Entrance fee and sun beds at Asi Bay
Food at Kisla Village restaurant
Transportation in mini-coach
Extra beverages purchased throughout the trip
Activities offered at the beach i.e. zip-wire, hiring kayaks & canoes
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Swimming in Blue Thermal Lagoon in Fevziye
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Blue Thermal Lagoon
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Blue Thermal Lagoon Natural Mud
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Blue Thermal Lagoon Spa
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Luke warm waters of blue lagoon at Fevziye Village
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - lady crossing the bridge at blue Thermal Lagoon Fevziye
Discover Dalyan Tour - Old bridge at the Blue Thermal Lagoon in Fevziye
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan -Blue Thermal Lagoon of Fevziye Village
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Natural wonder of blue lagoon
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Blue Thermal Lagoon Fevziye - Warm spring whirl pool
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Massaging
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Great day out with family
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Bubbly bath at Blue Thermal Lagoon Fevziye
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Blue Thermal Lagoon Bridge
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Yummy Melons
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Warms Pools
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Watermelons of Fevziye Village
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Eating melons at the blue lagoon
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Ahmet serving watermelons
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Life in villages
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Making wishes at sacred tree
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Give the tree a hug
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Hugging trees
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Storks
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Fevziye Village wishing tree
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Wish Tree Family Picture
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Home Made Food at Fevziye Village Home
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Fresh Juices
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Fevziye Village Lunch
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Home Made Food - Kosk
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Lunch in Fevziye Village
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Home Made Food
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Mosque visit
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Mosque Visit Mergenli
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Aşı Beach view from cafeteria
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Aşı Beach Zip Line
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Chilling at the beach
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Aşı Beach sun bathing
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Aşı Beach Cafeteria
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Aşı beach View
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Zip lining accross Aşı Bay
Discover Dalyan with volkan's Adventures Zip Line at Aşı Beach 2
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Sunbeds and shades at Aşı Beach
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Resting at cafeteria at Aşı Beach
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Aşı Beach Water Sports
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Radar Mountain
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Group pic at Radar Hill
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Views from Radar Mountain
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Magnificent views of Iztuzu from Radar Mountain
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Noah
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Radar Mountain of Dalyan
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Kışla Village - Spritual home of Volkan's Adventures
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures - Kışla Village
Discover Dalyan with Volkan's Adventures Dalyan - Kışla Village
Discover Dalyan - Gökbel Kışla - Volkan's Adventures Mutfak - Brunch

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 19 reviews
March 19, 2016

On 2nd September we had a road trip from Dalyan in a comfortable, air conditioned minibus. The day started with us caking ourselves in mud at the blue thermal lagoon – so much nicer than the public mud baths! We had a fantastic lunch courtesy of a village family, followed by a chill out and swim in secluded Asi Bay. We travelled on to Sunset restaurant for another lovely meal and magnificent views before heading up Radar Mountain for sunset and romance with more splendid views overlooking Iztuzu Beach.

We went on two trips and both trips were different and made even more special by Volkan’s enthusiasm for his beautiful country and the knowledge he shared with us. The organisation and attention to detail are fantastic and we both loved that the trips were limited to small groups. We can’t wait for our adventures to begin again next year!

March 19, 2016

Amazing : Our first ever visit to Dalyan. We had heard via TripAdvisor that a Volkans Adventures was a must.

Before travelling I had emailed Volkan to ask questions about his days out . From the very start I found Volkan to be very punctual and very helpful. A few emails later I told Volkan that I intended to propose to my partner. Volkan said he would help me with anything I needed. Upon arrival in Dalyan I met with Volkan for the first time in his office he was very polite engaging and very helpful after chatting about what trips we were looking for. We choose 3 trips to join during our holidays in Dalyan: Akkaya Valley, Asi bay radar mountain and 12 islands boat trips.

We were promised an amazing experience informative and small groups of no more than 12 people. The trips were out of this world. Pick up from our hotel was prompt with an air con vehicle . The group was perfect just as Volkan had said the places volkan took us were so so spectacular there was no other tourists at sight. The blue lagoon is a hidden paradise. We were given free turkish tea and fresh organic watermelon grown only metres from the blue lagoon it was the best day ever. We also went to Radar Mountain where I secretly intended to propose to my partner. I should add that i had met with volkan to help me organise this special moment. I wanted a guitarist playing a special song to us and some flowers. Once again he made all this possible from the kindness of his heart . He really is a special man.

Thank you so much Volkan you really did make our holiday in dalyan special. Through all the trips we did with Volkan in Dalyan we never once felt rushed we never felt like anything was to much to ask . I cannot wait to see volkan again and see more of the hidden gems that Turkey has to offer xoxox Thanks Volkan

March 19, 2016

Whenever we travelled by dolmus to Iztuzu Beach always wanted to go to Radar Mountain. Then I heard about Volkans tours and we booked one that included Radar Mountain and it was the most amazing day!

We were collected at our hotel and the journey took us about 45 minutes on back roads to our first stop the Blue Lagoon, first we picked our own melon, then went into the amazing turquoise water of the Blue Lagoon, lovely and warm, smelt rather nasty but who cares and we smeared ourselves with the mud! After eating our melon and feeding the rest to the cows we were off again to share lunch with a local family which was excellent.

After lunch we were lucky enough to be able to go onto the roof of a nearby house to look at the stork babies in their nest and were given tea and fruit by the lovely lady and her son. We also stopped off at the wishing tree where we all tied a ribbon to the tree and made a wish. We then drove through a forest until we reached the secluded Asi Bay where we spent a very pleasant couple of hours swimming and lounging in the sun.

From there we continued on and up and our next stop was at Sunset Restaurant where we tried the delicious Georgian Cheese Pie and then came the highlight of the day Radar Mountain – just amazing, the views down to the beach, the delta and the lake are breathtaking, it is impossible to explain the beauty of it. We had an amazing day which was so interesting, not only were the places we went to ones that we would not have known about but also the information and interesting that Volkan told us from start to finish made it a perfect day, one that we hope to repeat next year with him. Thanks Volkan

March 19, 2016

We were introduced to Volkan on our trip to Dalyan in May 2015. We can honestly say that we have never experienced a tour guide quite like him. The passion he has for ensuring you experience a true taste of Turkish culture is second to none. Volkans trips are unique and well executed to ensure a fantastic experience every time. A trip to Dalyan in the future would not be complete without spending time with Volkan.

May 3, 2017

Yıllardır Dalyan’a gelip, bu kadar bilmediğimiz saklı yerlerin olması bizi çok şaşırttı. Harika bir ekip, enfes yemekler, güler yüz, kendimizi çok özel hissetmemizi sağladı. İşinin çok seven, aldığı paranın hakkını sonuna kadar veren bir insanın turuna katılmak harikaydı. Artık her Dalyan’a geldiğimizde, ilk uğryacağımız adres tabii ki Volkan’s Adventures. Çok ama çok teşekkürler.
İnci Kalkavan

July 1, 2018

We were collected from our home right on time by our lovely, friendly guide Ahmet. After a short drive we were taken to The Blue Thermal lagoon where everyone had a swim in the beautiful but smelly thermal waters and some had fun covering themselves with mud. We had some refreshshing water melon before we were back on the bus to the quaint Alevi village of Fevziye where we were met by a lovely family and invited into their home for lunch. While we were sat in a traditional kosk we ate the most amazing home cooked traditional food and drinks and were given some great information by Ahmet on the Alevi culture. We then went on to have some sunbathing time at the secluded Asi bay where if you were brave enough you could zip wire over the bay. Then it was off into the mountain through the pine trees, passing very old cemeteries to the Sunset Restaurant where we were treated to their homemade Georgian pie. The setting was beautiful with a fantastic view. Finally we meandered up to the top of Radar mountain where we had the most breathtaking views of the Dalyan Delta, Sulguner Lake and the 7km long Iztuzu beach. In all we spent the most amazing day with Ahmet who gave us some great information along the way……definitely another 5 day out with Volkans Adventures. Again I would thoroughly recommend this trip. P.S. don’t forget your camera and go on an empty tummy as the food was amazing!!

July 29, 2018

We were on the same trip with Sandra mc sorley and can only repeat what Sandra has already said, the whole day was fantastic, we did this trip last year and will do it again when we return next June, the Georgian pie is to die for, she you gat to the beach you must try the zip wire, our guide Ahmet was full of good information all through the day, this is a must do trip.

May 25, 2019

What can I say about another fun packed trip organised by Volkan. We were promptly and efficiently collected from our hotel. Then comes the short journey to the Blue Thermal Lagoon, known mainly only to the local population, therefore not overcrowded. In fact we were the only group there. Worthwhile taking the plunge into the warm healing waters. Then after a short break here, onto our lunchtime stop. Lunch prepared by local family in a small village, show casing local cuisine and partaking of home made refreshing white wine. After feeling suitably replete onto Asi Bay for some relaxation and invigorating swimming, again this is somewhere only really known to the locals due to its inaccessibility by public transport. Once the batteries are fully recharged, once more off again, to be fed yet more food. What can you say about the Georgian cake apart from that it’s deliciously tasty. Onto our final stop for the day up to the summit of Radar Mountain over some pretty bumpy terrain, just glad I wasn’t driving the minibus. After a short walk you are led to the overlook the most amazing and stunning views over the Dalyan delta. All in all a most enjoyable day, made all the better for the tales of the faux pas that Lisa has committed over the years as a tour guide.

August 28, 2020

I love this trip so much that we do it each year!!! The view from Radar mountain makes me very emotional and glad to be back in Turkey from the bottom of my heart. I am arranging a wellness group visit in 2021 and this trip is already on the itinerary-who would want to miss that view while drinking Murat’s ice cold white wine? x

January 2, 2021

Such a wonderful day out!!! I was a solo traveller and enjoyed every moment. I met some lovely people on the trip. We all had fun. There is so much to see. The lunch was amazing, so much to choose from. The scenery throughout the day was beautiful. I would highly recommend this trip for all ages, you will not be disappointed.

February 12, 2022

Yesterday we had the absolute pleasure of taking the discover dalyan trip it was so informative and varied and did not feel touristy.The guide Ahmed was so enthusiastic and attentive it made feel so valued.THe sulphuric Blue thermal pool was such an adventure followed by a brief trip to a wishing tree and a fantastic history lesson.We ate delicious local food with a family in Fevziye village I even helped roll vine leaves for winter storage.We we taken to a lovely beach for a few hours and then the ultimate view of the Dalyan delta and turtle beach from radar mountain.Do not hesitate to book from their wide variety of trips we have more to come

February 15, 2022

A day full of amazing, friendly and wonderful people. Our Guide was most entertaining. I will definitely book one of Volkans Adventures next year.

February 15, 2022

This was my first ever trip in Dalyan and what a way to start! We were picked up promptly in a lovely spacious minibus. The blue lagoon was stunning ( if a bit sulfur smelling), I even went in the water! We were treated to a lovely lunch , beautifully prepared and absolutely delicious. Then we were off to the beach, We were bought us ice creams on the way. The road to the beach is super bumpy but even that was fun.The beach is small and not particularly busy but beautiful, there are toilets – and a zip wire! We had a couple of hours there to sunbathe and swim. We went to the wishing tree and we were given ribbons to tie on so we could make our own wish. There was a quick stop off at an amazing viewpoint for photos then on to the Sunset Restaurant for their famous pie served with salad.

February 15, 2022

Fantastic road trip with volkan adventures , it was the mysteries of Dalyan .., first stop was the blue lagoon where you could swim, and stand under water gushing down the mountain , then we went to a village where we were treated to some tradional food in one of the villagers houses ( beautiful food and home made wine ) our next stop was a little beach where we relaxed and soaked up some sun while some more adventurous of group did a zip wire across the bay And then to the lovely sunset restaurant for more food the whole time with the perfect host , and at some point he also came back from a shop with ice cream for the whole coach party .. Fantastic day had by all xx thank you xxx

February 15, 2022

Went on another trip with Volkan adventures yesterday called Discover Dalyan. Lovely day out visiting the thermal baths, Turkish home for lunch, lovely beach and a trip to radar mountain with amazing views. As per usual we had a fantastic guide who always helps to make your day more enjoyable, also takes very good picture and videos to help capture your day. All in all a fabulous day. We always use Volkan and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend.

February 15, 2022

What a great day out ,Stunning scenery on the journey to places you would unlikely be able to find alone. The lagoon is amazing with warm water running from the rocks. The village house lunch was incredible – so much food and I had a home made wine too. Just a fantastic day all round and you don’t come home hungry either!

February 15, 2022

They are simply the best , so much thought care and attention to the trips and their customers and friends the food is incredible on every single trip small groups so you will pay a little extra

May 4, 2022

This was our second trip with Volkan tours. Picked up by Ahmet from our villa. We had the most amazing day. Ahmet telling us about the Turkish culture and his own experiences when he was a young boy which was very interesting. We all had a good day laughing and joking along the way, and saving tortoises on route lol. The lunch prepared by the most welcoming Turkish family was absolutely delicious. We seen a stork nesting near by feeding its young. The swimming was necessary to make room for the second meal of the day . The scenery was stunning on the table top mountain, and again the food was delicious. I have some amazing photos. But the icing on the cake was radar mountain !!! A spectacular view of all the Dalyan rivers and Turtle beach. Thank you Ahmet for making our day more special x

May 9, 2023

What a fabulous day! Highly recommend.

Ahmed and Erim were amazing guides. So knowledgeable about the area and made the day so special. I went as a solo traveller, but it really didn’t feel that way. I was made so welcome and had the most amazing time. The views at the top of radar mountain were a real highlight… a true “wow” moment! And picking and eating fresh mulberries was a real treat, too.

I had quite bad sunburn and when visiting Volkan’s home for food (wow wow wow), Volkan went into the garden and chopped some fresh Aloe Vera to soothe my skin. The little touches like this made it even more wonderful.

Thankyou so much!

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