8 hours
All Ages
Special Diets

Brand new for 2019, Volkan is going right back to where it all began with an adventure so spontaneous even he doesn’t know what will happen!

Volkan’s Adventures started several years ago when he would randomly say to guests at his hotel bar ‘hey guys i have an idea’, and then next thing you know they’re on a minibus heading out for the day just seeing where the wind takes them.

As you’ve probably realised and may have experienced for yourself, hes really rather good at coming up with ideas for tours and days out, and even when the itinerary is set his off the cuff diversions always go towards enhancing the experience. Your unique day, despite having the content unknown will be guaranteed to be full of laughter, fun and enjoyment, so put your trust in us and lets see where we end up!

* %50 discount for children under the age of 12

** Children under 4 years old go FREE

Things To Know

TOUR MAX 18 people
DEPARTURE TIME Collection between 10.00am 10.30 am
Sunscreen lotion,
Swimwear & Towels
Professional Guide
Transportation in mini bus
Any entry fees if applicable
NOT INCLUDED Extra beverages purchased throughout the trip

Additional information

Tour ConceptActive, Entertainment, Food
Volkan's Provisional Dalyan Tours
Gocek to Sarsala Sailing - 6
Gocek to Sarsala Sailing - 2

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
September 22, 2019

Just back a few days from Dalyan Went on the Noon to Moon Trip which was amazing especially as they fitted me at a minuet notice
We left the port and travelled, for a bit along the river out to sea
with amazing views of the mountains on both sides and Kaunos
caves are visible on the way . Our first stop was Candir Lake
with the hot springs and most peope got out to swim, but as I am not a strong swimmer I waited for the next stop. Well worth the wait
at Iztuzu beach I was able to get in and the water was so warm and the waves were brillent and exciting We had 1 hour here to swim, walk or just relax once, again, the views were amazing and all the while, Murat and crew were cooking up dinner, We were given a choice of Fish or Chicken and Meatballs and a range of other sides to go with, eg Potatoes, salad, rice, pasta etc all amazing except as I was so hungry, especially after the swim , and their food is so tasty. you could keep eating , and eating, I only got 1 meatball ( I am certain if I asked for more they would have given me more as they are
alway s so generous with their helpings and the chicken tasted delicious On the way back, it was dark and the stars were visible in the sky and atmosphere was so peaceful Everyone on the boat were having a good time. As they pass Dalyan on the way back they give a option if you want to disembark for whatever reason, Which I did as it was my last night in Dalyan and I need some time before I left . I think its a great idea as it give people the option if they have other things planed . Having said all that I am sure all left on board dance the night away. Thanks to Volkan, Lisa, Murat Ahmed and all for amazing evening

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