Baked Cherry Cheesecake – the perfect way to use up cherries
Baked cherry cheesecake - ready to eat

There are new batches of cherries in the markets at the moment. On our trip to Mugla this week I bought far too many. Now what to do with my glut of cherries? Baked Cherry Cheesecake is the answer.

Baked cherry cheesecake - Mugla marketIngredients

  • 225 grams of biscuits (digestives are good but you can use any plain biscuits)
  • 1 kilo of cherries (you can use a can of cherry filling)
  • 150 grams of sugar
  • 600 grams of Cream cheese
  • 130 grams of kaymak ( you can use whipped double cream


  • Heat oven to 175°C.
  • Crush your biscuits into crumbs. Use a sandwich bag a rolling pin.
  • Melt the butter in a pan and then mix in the crumbs.Baked cherry cheesecake - cherries galore
  • Firm onto bottom of 9 inch spring-form cake tin.
  • Mix together the cream cheese and 130 grams of the sugar in large bowl.
  • Add the kaymak. Then add the eggs, 1 at a time. Make sure that each egg is fully blended before the next.
  • Bake for 50 minutes. Leave to cool and then refrigerate for two hours.
  • Stone the cherries and simmer with the remaining sugar and half a cup of water.
  • Once cool spoon the cherries onto the cheesecake.

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