Horses have been important to the Turks and Turkey for more than 5000 years. First used as food they were then used in war as cavalry and draught animals, then in agriculture and for transport and now largely for leisure and sport. They were first used as food in the form of meat and then

Cappadocia is a vast region between Ankara and Malatya. At its centre lies Kayseri, once the heart of the Hittite empire. Today, Cappadocia is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, with thousands visiting the strange and enigmatic moonscape. Although the area appears barren, the mineral rich volcanic soil is very fertile. Cappadocia and the

Certain beliefs among the members of a society sometimes arise out of fear, sometimes from helplessness and sometimes by chance. These are generally referred to as “superstitions.” These beliefs have existed since the earliest days of mankind. Many of them have no scientific basis and are not linked to any particular religious faith. Although they

The Special Environmental Protected Area (SEPA) of Köyceğiz and Dalyan is well known for the Liquidambar forests where a 286 hectares zone is set aside as a nature reserve and arboretum for the preservation of the species. A large area also surrounds the town of Marmaris. Another large area covering nearly 100 hectares is also found in an inland

Where in the world can you still witness mile-wide crocus carpets, mountains smothered with snowdrops, and entire woodlands underlain by cyclamen? Right here in Turkey. Not surprisingly, this country’s richness of species, including 13 snowdrop species (two endemic) and ten cyclamen species (six endemic), has led to commercial harvesting of bulbs from the wild and

Walking around Istanbul a couple of years ago on a beautiful but freezing day,  a street seller asked me if i would like to try Salep. I had heard of it but never tried it. A warm, traditional winter drink, made from the tubers of rare orchids. These Orchids have become so rare and so

Mugla Municipality has adapted new and advanced techniques to combat mosquitoes that is both effective and environmentally safe. The municipality has been effectively working and says that will continue working 12 months a year program to fight with the mosquitos and other harmful insects. Teams have been busy all winter taking effective precautions by spraying places

Two countries, located side by side in the Mediterranean sea. They share a similar climate, the Mediterranean sun, and many of the same landscapes. With overlapping histories, they both have a shared but unique heritage, which is reflected in their cuisine. I have visited both countries and each will forcibly claim to have invented national

Mugla Central Municipality’s 29.02.2016 dated Transportation Coordination Central Agency (UKOME) meeting, it is decided that all boats that operate on Dalyan River and Koycegiz Lake will be licensed by the Mugla Central Municipality. According to the new procedures, all boat owners have to apply for a license latest by 30.06.2016. According to same new regulations,

This week’s recipe is a meze (starter) from Southeastern Turkish town Hatay: Spinach Borani. Hope you will enjoy it. Afiyet Olsun 😉 Ingredients; 1 kg spinach 1 medium onion – Grated 2 cloves garlic – finely chopped Olive oil Salt Pepper 4 table spoon yogurt For the top; Handful pine nuts 2 table spoons butter Pinch

Icli Kofte (pronounced: each-lee koefthe) meaning stuffed meatballs is one of my favourite dishes. As you may already know and explained before on our Traditional Recipes from Turkish Cuisine post, Turkish Cuisine is a mixture of recipes inherited from many different regions. Icli Kofte, as its known in Turkish, is more widely know as Kibbe, Kibbeh or Kebbah around the

Members of DOHAKDER (Nature and Animals Protection Association) in Ortaca, Mugla have started a campaign called “A Paw Per Entity” Mrs. Mebrure Kuzey Blom, the president of DOHAKDER, has said that “We started a this campaign with aim to save the dogs in the Dalyan Animal Shelter by integrating them to live peacefully and freely

Mücver is generally a vegetable patty that can be prepared with different choices of vegetable. The most common way is to use zucchinis and than fried. However today we will share a Mücver recipe that is prepared with cauliflowers and baked instead of fried. Mücver, using different ingredients and vegetables, can be found in almost

Is it safe to go to Turkey? Is there a war in Turkey? Would i jeopardise safety of my family if we holidayed in Turkey? How safe is Dalyan?

Yes, you read it right. If visiting Turkey this summer or ever is in your holiday agenda, you should hear what i have to say and think twice before you jump on that plane. And oh, if you are not planning to come to Turkey for any reason or if the thought had never crossed your mind, you should read this post to the end so you know what you are not missing.

I finally arrived home this morning around 5.30 am after a long journey from Istanbul. I have been gone since I left Dalyan on Christmas Eve and went to Istanbul to meet with my lovely friends Alan and Sunny from Scotland and my brother Leigh and his lovely lady Sandra from England.

Dalyan will be home to International Likya Dalyan Open Waters Swimming Competition. Interest in participating in the competition is rising every day. More than 100 swimmers has enrolled for the competition since enrolment started in February 1st. Organised by Likya Dalyan Sports Club and supported by Ortaca Municipality, the competitions will be organised in “We

Bringing Service to Mugla Foundation held a sealed bid for operating a ferry on Dalyan River between Dalyan and Candir villages and Dalyan Boats Cooperation has won the bid. With this project the two sides of Dalyan will be connected with a ferry service that will allow cars and tractors cross to the other side of

If you were not going there for a nice meal at the birds nest restaurant, you really don’t need much attending. Crystal clear waters springing out from every corner, liquid amber and yellow pine tree forests, Dalaman River floating through the deep valley and all kinds of amazing creatures you can see makes Akkaya Valley an amazing place without the need of anything else.

Even though I was born and raised in Turkey, I have lived more than half of my adult life outside Turkey. Even after settling in Turkey I have always worked in positions that I would interact with foreigners, probably more than i did with Turks. I think this experiences, which I have summarised on about

Dalyan, meaning of natural fish farm, is a truly “Eden on Earth” small town located in Mugla province of Southwestern Turkey. Unlike other busy nearby resorts like Marmaris or Fethiye, it is still not excessively developed and life runs at small pace. Dalyan town owes its preserved nature mostly to its millions of years old habitants Caretta

Deli Dumrul* Tunnel in Gocek Turkey The 960 metres long Tunnel in Gocek Turkey has a long story dates back to 1965 when Mr. Haldun Mentesoglu (he was the Minister of Public Works than) first mentioned the need. Before the tunnel was built, motorists travelling on D400 Mugla – Antalya road had to drive through the winding

Who is Atatürk and why is he so important to Turkish people? He was not only a Turkish leader who led his country’s war against aggressors but also a peace lover who sent very important messages to other nations about the necessity of a peaceful and mutually respectful co-existance of all nations on the same

Karia or Caria is the ancient name for a geographical region in south west Anatolia that includes the south of the River Meander (Büyük Menderes), inland and north parts of Menteşe. It was established before old Greek tribes started colonising the Aegean. The historians agree that Carians are Anatolian indigenous. According to Herodotus, the name

Greater City of Muğla Dalyan is a town in city of Muğla in Turkey. There are 81 cities in Turkey and 30 of these are “Big City Municipalities” with population more than 750,000. Muğla is one of the big city municipalities and its governmental structure is managed accordingly. There are 13 counties in Muğla. These are: